November-2015 issue
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Author: si Team
Accelerating technological and economic changes in the ever-dynamic business world have led businesses in IT industry to shift their focus towards contemporary practices and competitive developments while building a responsive and agile... more>>

In My Opinion

Amit Nath, Country Manager, India & SAARC, F-Secure
Are smartphones the most lucrative target for cyber criminals? more>>

Company of the Year-2015

si Team
Since last year, a few things have transmuted in India. Starting from Government and its business policies, India has witnessed... more>>

Company of the year - 2015 - Health Insurance software

si Team
While most of the industries have reached pinnacle using technology, healthcare, especially health insurance, is yet to break... more>>

Company of the Year - 2015: Software Testing

si Team
The software testing landscape is swiftly transforming into a service-driven test management program, leaving behind the... more>>

Company of the Year - Mobile Initiated Commerce

si Team
Want to turn mobile marketing into a commercial success? more>>

Company of the Year - Oracle

si Team
Oracle having transformed into a cloud solution has flowered the paths of Cloud ERP & Cloud enterprise performance application... more>>

Company of the Year 2015 - Enterprise Software

si Team
Are you a CIO getting sleepless nights? Are increasing agility and reducing time to develop & deploy new applications bringing... more>>

Company of the Year-2015 :Financial Services

si Team
One of the leading Africa-focused banks in Zambia had a legacy system for customer on-boarding. more>>

Company of the Year-2015: IT-Infrastructure

si Team
The dynamic IT industry goes through a constant shift like tectonic plates. more>>

Company of the Year-2015: Adobe

si Team
A directory publisher sought the expertise of Raykor Technologies when they found that up to 20 percent of ad placements were... more>>

Company of the Year-2015: Aftermarket Supply Chain Management Solutions

si Team
The master key to securing customer loyalty, fostering a company's brand and maintaining competitive differentiation is... more>>

Company of the Year-2015: Broadband

si Team
The sheer lack of congruous infrastructure, instability, poor governance, and local ruffianism have played a major role in... more>>

Company of the Year-2015: Business Assurance

si Team
Mark Twain once said, "Honesty is the best policy - when there is money in it". Seems Scott Thompson, Yahoo!'s ex-CEO, was... more>>

Company of the Year-2015: Consultation for Healthcare Institution

si Team
Healthcare, the rudimentary human right, is perhaps the most neglected affair in India. With poor infrastructure and little to... more>>

Company of the Year-2015: Core Banking Solutions

si Team
The disruptive intervention of technologies akin to cloud and omni-channel banking has made a massive impact on banking... more>>

Company of the Year-2015: Customer Experience Management

si Team
In this customer epoch, the CEM (Customer Experience Management) industry is on an unprecedented rise and recent studies have... more>>

Company of the Year-2015: Electronics Payments

si Team
Omni-channel payments being the buzz word, today-s smartphone-comfy young generation prefer to pay via Mobile Apps. Attempting... more>>

Company of the Year-2015: eLearning

si Team
Experts predict the global eLearning Market to reach a whooping $107 billion by 2015. more>>

Company of the Year-2015: Energy & Environment Intelligence Technology

si Team
India is the new tinkling star of the world and everyone is eyeing to get a glimpse of its shine. But the grass isn't greener... more>>

Company of the Year-2015: Executive Recruitment

si Team
Unemployment is considered as one of the critical national issues, while the real problem is employability. Being the backbone... more>>

Company of the Year-2015: Financial Software Products

si Team
Experience is not what happens to a man; it is what a man does with what happens to him, said Aldous Huxley. This is what... more>>

Company of the Year-2015: GIS Solutions

si Team
The vast territory of earth never ceases to regale us every day. With the boon of technology, our endeavor to unwrap the earth... more>>

Company of the Year-2015: Global IT Transformation Architect

si Team
Transaction, Capabilities, Infrastructure, Attitude, Relationship, Trust, and Ethics do these sound familiar? Of course, yes. more>>

Company of the Year-2015: Healthcare

si Team
Sharmili from Hardoi in UP or Dhanalakshmi from Arupukottai in Tamil Nadu in the 90s, aspire for food, health, & security just... more>>

Company of the Year-2015: Healthcare IT

si Team
Healthcare IT market is witnessing newer heights. more>>

Company of the Year-2015: Hospitality

si Team
Technology has changed the way we looked at our trips, both personal and professional. The proliferating breed of tech savvy... more>>

Company of the Year-2015: Information Management Consulting

si Team
Saksoft, an Information Management specialist, inherited the trait of "take nerve-racking ordeals and beat them" from its... more>>

Company of the Year-2015: Infrastructure

si Team
Srei started its journey more than 25 years ago with a dream to build the country's infrastructure. Better roads, more ports,... more>>

Company of the Year-2015: Infrastructure Management Services

si Team
Technology changing at supersonic speeds is a real concern for CIOs and IT Heads. For most of them, their IT departments... more>>

Company of the Year-2015: Integrated Product Engineering Services

si Team
With Semiconductor technology reaching its heights and people wanting more and more technology solutions for everyday life, the... more>>

Company of the Year-2015: Integrated Project Management Software

si Team
The late 90s, the time that witnessed a massive technology boom also saw organizations bewildered with complete chaos when it... more>>

Company of the Year-2015: IT Consulting

si Team
The global IT consulting industry is changing, as enterprises evolve into a more customer-centric role and customer loyalties... more>>

Company of the Year-2015: Customized Legal Support Services

si Team
Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) is currently an oft repeated word in the corporate sector internationally. more>>

Company of the Year-2015: IT Services Availability & Continuity Management

si Team
As organizations become increasingly dependent on technology for facilitating their business needs, IT failures can prove quite... more>>

Company of the Year-2015: IT Staffing

si Team
There is a huge shift in the business process of organizations as the focus has shifted from sundry activities like hiring to... more>>

Company of the Year-2015: Legal Process Outsourcing

si Team
I think theyre fantastic and the best. The thing to emphasize is that with them there's lots of value added. Its easy to find... more>>

Company of the Year-2015: Market Research

si Team
Surfacing of new era domains such as Telecom, Media (Digital) and Insurance are facilitating the Market Research Industry to... more>>

Company of the Year-2015: Marketing Automation & Personalization

si Team
As human voice and face get superseded with a web or mobile page, the personal touch that is paramount for engaging and... more>>

Company of the Year-2015: Mobile VAS

si Team
The mobile financial industry is set to undergo a dramatic transformation in the next two years. more>>

Company of the Year-2015: Omni-Channel Retail Solutions

si Team
India is on the avenue to become the world's fastest growing e-Commerce market, if existing projections are to go by. more>>

Company of the Year-2015: Pharmacy

si Team
Commitment, passion and a pinch of patriotism are all that is needed to serve the country. In the words of P. Durga Prasad,... more>>

Company of the Year-2015: Semiconductor

si Team
System-on-chip technology isovertaking the microprocessor as the engine that drives the exciting new electronic technology that... more>>

Company of the Year-2015: Social Media Analytics

si Team
Social media has transformed the way decisions were made. Today, social media voices the opinion of consumers in a stronger and... more>>

Company of the Year-2015: Staffing & Recruitment

si Team
Converting a candidate into a reliable employee in today's rough and tumble world is nothing less than a Herculean task. more>>

Company of the Year: Product and Solution Engineering

si Team
Rapid change is a double-edged sword – a threat and an opportunity. more>>

Company of the Year-2015: Technology Driven Real Estate Advisory

si Team
Every NRI wishes to buy a property in India, but are scared to the core when it comes to solve the puzzles attested to it. So... more>>

Company of the Year-2015: Telecommunications

si Team
Unsurprisingly, the messaging solutions domain is expected to grow in leaps and bounds at a 400 percent rate; thanks to... more>>

Company of the Year-2015: Testing & Assessment

si Team
The demand and supply theory perfectly fits the current recruitment business as the demand-supply equation of talent has... more>>

Company of the Year-2015: Web & Mobile Technologies

si Team
The mystical enchantments of mobile and web technology have been taking the businesses ahead since last decade. more>>

Company of the Year: e-Commerce

si Team
"I love cars. Even if you ask me to buy it blindfolded, I would do it"- said no man ever. How high your passion towards... more>>

CXO Insights

Today's entrepreneurs have different needs in terms of fund-raising, product development, and social marketing. more>>
Mr. VikramRaichura - Managing Director, Viva Connect
Such a conversation demonstrates how the mobile marketing world is innovating to enter the lives of people. more>>
By Vamsi Krishna, CEO & Co-Founder, Vedantu Innovations
Founded in 2014, Vedantu Innovation is a LIVE online 1-to-1 tutoring platform. Strongly believes the education system has a... more>>
Anshuman Singh, Director, Product Management of Application Security, Barracuda Networks
Technology in todays world is advancing at a phenomenal speed, not a single year passes without a new technological... more>>
By Minhaj Zia, Managing Director, Polycom India & SAARC
From emerging opportunities to factors driving the growth and adoption of unified communications, Minhaj Zia, Managing... more>>
Kamala Parvathanathan - Country Head, Numerify India
In Bangalore these days, the energy surrounding startups is palpable and almost inescapable. There is an eagerness in the air... more>>
Sudhir Hasija - Chairman, Karbonn Mobiles
How can one imagine, in today's world, to locate a house without GPS and a supporting navigation app? more>>
By Mitesh Agarwal, Vice President - Sales Consulting & CTO, Oracle India
Headquartered in Bengaluru, Oracle India (NSE: OFSS.NS) is a division of Oracle Corporation. With best-in-class products, it... more>>

CEO Insight

Kishore Ganji, CEO & Founder, Zip.in
Hyderabad-based a versatile and innovative online supermarket Zip.in was incepted in 2014 with an aim to deliver a wide range... more>>
Vinothini Raju - Founder & CEO, Bluemeric Technologies
Cloud, one the most exciting and influential concept in today's IT space is not just a mere occurrence in one or two countries more>>
By Ankush Gera - CEO, Junglee Games
Online and mobile gaming in India is a very lucrative industry and it is booming at a rapid pace owing to an endless list of... more>>
Dinesh Pillai, CEO, Mahindra Special Services Group
Banking as a business involves the management of risks. While much has been said about the financial risks, the risks arising... more>>


Anamika Sahu
Nothing seems more intriguing than challenging yourself; something that keeps you awake at night, something that makes you... more>>
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