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December - 2014 special issue
By Ramsunder Papineni, Regional Director (India & SAARC), FireEye
FireEye (NASDAQ: FEYE) is a network security company that provides automated threat forensics and dy... more>>
Generally speaking, Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) comprises of technologies that capture all th... more>>
December - 2014 special issue
Communication technology is no longer an enabler, but has seized a much more responsible position of... more>>
Technology has stopped becoming a luxury and is an absolute necessity for most businesses, and enter... more>>
December - 2014 special issue
Moving towards an era when India is talking business, there is no better time than now for entrepren... more>>
With the recession and related job cuts mostly behind us and the market coming out of the black days... more>>
December - 2014 issue
5 Most Promising Immigration Consultants ... more>>
The first cybercrime was noted around two centuries back in 1820 by a textile manufacturer in France... more>>
October - 2014 issue
NDS has built a habit to offer high caliber IT enterprise architectural services that were previousl... more>>
Nurturing "Smart" Entrepreneurship
Karthik Padmanabhan, Country Head - Ecosystem Development, IBM Software, India South Asia
With start-up companies becoming an increasing phenomenon and the government ensuring their growth t... more>>
October - 2014 special issue
Most organizations typically take the shortcut of horizontal integration, which often leads the prod... more>>
Since the evolution of Mobile, data analytics, Social Media and Cloud, the situation has become real... more>>
September - 2014 special issue
In IT landscape, one of the initial decision to make before starting any project is, which developme... more>>
Leadership vs. Management in the New-Age Work Environme
Nishant Rao, Managing Director, LinkedIn India
The world of work as we used to know it has changed forever. Yet by and large our management practic... more>>
September - 2014 issue
Surpass Audience's Expectations with Absolute Coverage
Aman Munglani, Research Director, Conference Chair, Gartner, Inc.
The predominant responsibility of every event organizer is providing value above the money. The conf... more>>
The Secret Ingredients of Organizing Successful Events
Murali Bukkapatnam, President of TiE Hyderabad & CEO & Co-Founder of getdomestichelp.com
It is quite a palpable fact that organizing an event doesn't just require you to step out of your co... more>>
August - 2014 special issue
As people are getting smarter, the QA world is getting stronger. Especially the brilliant minds of I... more>>
Electronic Industry is all going frenzy with the "out-of-the-box" technologies ranging from next gen... more>>
August - 2014 issue
In a world where data is precious and data integrity is critical, data security becomes non-negotiab... more>>
School of Business Wisdom offers Business Growth Consulting for Owners who are unable to grow or mak... more>>
July - 2014 issue
SMEs drive around 22 percent of GDP growth in India; however the segment is left untouched by many s... more>>
Trelleborg Sealing Solutions' facility in Bengaluru, Karnataka is not just another global manufactur... more>>
June - 2014 issue
When you adopt emerging technologies like augmented reality, artificial intelligence, cloud and the ... more>>
Raj Mamodia, CEO of Collabera, and now Brillio, joined Collabera in early 2013 with the objective of... more>>
May - 2014 issue
Dealing With Criticalities of Data Storage & Access wit
Santhosh D'Souza, Director- Systems Engineering, NetApp Marketing & Services Pvt. Ltd India
With better communication technologies and global outreach, businesses around the world are scaling ... more>>
Scaling Low Cost Services for the Bottom of the Pyramid
Venky Natarajan - Managing Partner, Lok Capital
One in four private equity investments taking place in India today are in impact enterprises, target... more>>
April - 2014 issue
Here is why some organizations are the preferred choice of many to work for. ... more>>
While every other Company is caught in a rat race to add clients to their catalog, UST Global - an I... more>>
March - 2014 issue
Irrespective of the size of business, every entrepreneur is striving to connect all dots between ... more>>
A small office where management team is busy framing strategies and working on refining business pla... more>>
February - 2014 issue
India is currently facing massive losses in three main pillars of population monitoring and control ... more>>
The technology advancement driven by "Moore's law" has continued unabated over the last five decades... more>>
January - 2014 issue
A typical Monday morning comes clubbed with businesses pending over the weekend. In such a scenario,... more>>
There is a constant change in the needs of businesses as the market is moving into a mature phase. A... more>>