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School of Business Wisdom: Practical Insights For Booming Business

Poulomi Mukherjee
Monday, July 28, 2014
Poulomi Mukherjee
Shakespeare said - 'What's in a Name?' The name 'School of Business Wisdom' with the tagline 'Practical Insights for Exponential Profits' was an outcome of an idea - If God himself was to run a business, how would he do it? If the world's best Business experts applied their brain to your business, what would their strategies and tactics be? And what if these were made available to you without your having to spend time reinventing the wheel or reading all the books by the experts and masters of your field? Obviously it will benefit you tremendously. This idea was the seed for setting up the School of Business Wisdom, a business consultancy and Coaching cum Training firm. It caters to Small and Medium Business Owners from over 70 verticals including builders, estate agents, doctors & surgeons, educational institutes, financial experts, restaurants, web designers, medical practitioners, manufacturers and many more.

"Just like when you are sick, you visit a qualified doctor; when your car breaks down, you take it to a competent mechanic; when your Business is ailing, you need a Business Consultant who acts like a doctor and makes your business alright and takes it to the next level of growth," says Jayant Hudar, Founder & CEO, School of Business Wisdom.

Jayant Hudar, an entrepreneur with over 22 years of business experience has founded 14 startups since 1992. He has travelled to 26 countries in 5 continents for various business assignments. He has built a storehouse of business related wisdom & know-how collected from 150+ courses, trainings, workshops and has personally attended seminars by the who's who of the Business Consulting world including Mark Victor Hansen, Martin Howey, Jay Abraham, Scott Hallman, Chet Holmes among others. The company acts as a virtual marketing director & consultant that provide a backbone for its clients by mentoring the Business Owners. Jayant is part of a Consulting consortium called TopLine Business Solutions based in Phoenix, Arizona, U.S., which has 1300+ consultants in 36 countries across the world. He chooses the clients he works with and does not work without a reference.

Entrepreneurs are often at a loss when it comes to making enough profits from an existing and stagnant business. Most often, businesses have remained just one step short of success in several cases due to lack of proper Marketing Knowledge and Business Strategies.

Secret Parameters for Business Growth

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