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Masamb Electronics Systems: Redefining the Semiconductor Spectrum

SI Team
Wednesday, February 5, 2014
SI Team
The technology advancement driven by "Moore's law" has continued unabated over the last five decades affording increasing transistor counts and functionalities together with higher performance and lower power consumption of chips which in turn has resulted in phenomenal growth in semiconductor and electronics market. The usage of electronic components in motor vehicles has increased steeply in recent years. In fact, many industry observers expect electronic components to account for 40 percent of total car production costs in the near future. Semiconductor manufacturers are riding on exploding growth of internet enabled devices. However, collaborative innovation holds key to future semiconductor industry growth. Masamb provides a complete spectrum of Semiconductor Design and Embedded Systems Design solutions, helping customers contain costs and use technology for sustainable competitive advantage. The Company's design services include ASIC/SOC design & verification, library development, AMS design and IP services. The Embedded system design solutions include embedded system/software development, FPGA design and virtual platform. Masamb ensures agility for its customers with fast ramp-up and ramp-downs. It has a customizable engagement model which is project centric based on client's business size and scale to ensure well scoped engagements and resource centric model for high skilled projects.

Eliminating the Intricate Challenges
The semiconductor industry faces two intricate challenges namely cyclicality and the rising cost of R&D. Much of the tremendous growth seen in the electronics industry over the last three decades comes from increasing power and decreasing price of semiconductor chips, driven by Moore's law. However, chipmakers capture a very small percentage of value they create.
The foundation of success of semiconductor companies lies in the ability to innovate and contain costs across the value chain, while responding quickly to market needs. By addressing the outsourcing needs of semiconductor companies, Masamb ensures cost cutting and better RoI (return on investment) for its clients.

Protection of intellectual property (IP) rights is a serious area of concern for semiconductor companies. Masamb rigorously follows IP protection standards to ensure complete security of customer's data. Masamb has always been rated high by its customers on predictability and productivity index, which is the cornerstone for success in semiconductor industry. The Company completes projects on-time, on-budgets thus enabling the customers to realize value in a timely manner.

In the embedded space, Masamb operates in Consumer Electronics, Industrial Applications, Automotive Electronics, and Strategic Electronics areas. Masamb does recognize automotive electronics as an important area in the context of its forays into embedded system design. BLDC motor control and other body electronics functions are some of the specific areas that Masamb is currently working in the field of Automotive Electronics.

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