April-2014 issue
Cover Story
Author: Anamika Sahu
While every other Company is caught in a rat race to add clients to their catalog, UST Global - an IT Services and Solutions provider, has successfully kept themselves out of it. more>>

Startup of the Month

Anamika Sahu
Believing strongly in the words of Walton, Sai founded Tech Vedika - an IT Services company in 2010 that goes an extra mile to... more>>

Company Spotlight

Anamika Sahu
Booking an air ticket for a travel originating from other geographies, was not a cost effective transaction till mid 90's. more>>

50 Best Companies to Work For

SI Team
Though technology, infrastructure, materials and other physical objects do contribute to an organization, there is an... more>>
SI Team
Here is why some organizations are the preferred choice of many to work for. more>>
Pankaj Kundwani
Most organizations have clear set of policies defining what to do and what not to, what is right and what is not. In many... more>>
Pankaj Kundwani
Human Resource is one of the most intrinsic dynamic for a business to meet profitability and growth objectives. more>>
Trisha Pragya
Teamwork and selflessness construct the backbone of a great team. Without them, the organization cannot realistically compete. more>>
Trisha Pragya
Brisa Technologies is the brain child of the serial entrepreneur, Subodh Patil, who earlier founded two companies. more>>
Anamika Sahu
Founded in 2007, raw engineering has offices in Mumbai and Vadodara in India, and San Francisco in the U.S. more>>
Trisha Pragya
CMO Axis has been creating a distinct work culture where people are picked, trained and aligned for a startup environment. more>>
Pankaj Kundwani
Many companies especially startups live up to a nerd principle that if an employee is not sleeping over his desk, he is not... more>>
Anamika Sahu
At times, established organizations are constrained within such solid nutshells that it becomes hard to crack them and be... more>>
Pankaj Kundwani
Transparency in business is often an ignored value, yet it can radically perk up productivity, employee esteem and company's... more>>
Jisha Unni
Most companies strongly believe in a notion that working in an unstructured environment can reduce the productivity of an... more>>
Pankaj Kundwani
Human Resource practices adopted by most companies have been carried forward from the industrial age without much questioning. more>>
Trisha Pragya
Smart organizations realize that their key goal is to boost the performance of their employees. more>>
Anamika Sahu
A great company is not built by accident. It requires the perfect blend of people, technology, knowledge and responsibility.... more>>
Anamika Sahu
The best creativity happens in the best vicinity. Believing in this, smartData Enterprises has eventually crafted the finest... more>>

In My Opinion

Aditya Sekhar, Chairman & Managing Director, Micro Technologies (India) Limited
The unrest and uncertainties worldwide have necessitated all countries to enhance their security cover. more>>

CIO Insights

Kersi Tavadia - CIO, BSE India
Capital market is one of the most elevated industries where Information Technology is used extensively.With people expecting... more>>
Niranjan Bhalivade - CIO, CEAT Limited
Major players in the automobile arena are pursuing global strategies to bump up their competitiveness and technology has a... more>>

CXO View Point

Vijender Yadav - Director & CTO, Propalms Network
Secure Remote Access is a problem that enterprises have been dealing with for years. A decade ago, secure remote access was a... more>>
Srini Sundararajan - India R&D Leader, Alcatel-Lucent
In the past decade there have been a lot of innovations and technological development in the telecommunications industry. more>>
Puneesh Lamba - Vice President - Information Technology, BILT
The evolving technology has made essential to be abreast with time and to adopt nascent technologies that allows to expand... more>>

VC talk

Sarath Naru - Managing Partner, Ventureast
Recently India emerged as a hub of software product companies with customer base gradually spreading its wings in global sphere more>>
Mohan Kumar - Executive Director, Norwest Venture Partners India
Existing enterprise software had originated some 20 + years back that has been purely transaction oriented more>>
Ranveer Sharma - Managing Director, Eredene Capital
From last few years, sectors like port, logistics and warehousing are witnessing ongoing changes. more>>

Venture Beat

SI Team
Big data analytics company Germin8 raises `18 Crore in Series-A funding from Kalaari Capital. Headquartered in Mumbai. more>>
SI Team
BlueStone.com, an online jewellery destination, raises Rs.60 crore in a funding led by Kalaari Capital, while existing... more>>


Jisha Unni
Mobile applications are inspirational for emerging startups to manifest more evolved user-friendly applications more>>


Anamika Sahu
Today, organizations around the world are noticing odious trends among their employees. more>>
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