The Smart Techie was renamed Siliconindia India Edition starting Feb 2012 to continue the nearly two decade track record of excellence of our US edition.
December - 2012 issue
When someone remotely opens the door of one of most popular cars in the world via their iPhones or m... more>>
Unlike traditional software products, we have a product which is boxed or requires heavy upfront imp... more>>
November - 2012 issue
how do some websites make it to the top while the others lose? The answer is Search Engine Optimizat... more>>
Rules of the Road for the Era of Simplicity, Mobile and
Navin Chaddha - Managing Director, Mayfield Fund
There are some key rules of the road that have guided my journey and these are especially relevant i... more>>
October - 2012 issue
The Indian real estate sector has seen an unprecedented boom in the last few years amounting to abou... more>>
Established about a decade and a half ago, Daemon provides web application development, web site des... more>>
September - 2012 issue
In a time when the likes of Apple and Samsung are dominating the tablet market globally, a relativel... more>>
Leading through Change
Gautam Thakar - CEO, shopping.com
Most employees respect transparency even if they do not always like the message. On one significant... more>>
August - 2012 issue
When Raju Vegesna took over as the Chairman of the Board of NASDAQ-listed Sify Technologies in 2005,... more>>
Beginning a Successful Entrepreneurial Journey
Ashok Soota - Founder & Executive Chairman, Happiest Minds
How to begin a successful entrepreneurial journey? How to transform an idea into a successful enterp... more>>
July - 2012 issue
Chin Ho, a software engineer in Korea, is walking through the metro station busy having his breakfas... more>>
Business is a strange Animal
Sunil Dutt - Managing Director, RIM-India
An urgent need for business integrity is being felt across the world.... more>>
June - 2012 issue
Being Customer Focused
Renee Casanova - Practice Team Director, Unisys
Today most organizations are dealing with the sprawl of their IT infrastructure:... more>>
Satish Kumar's office is bustling with activities. As the captain of GLOPORE IMS, a pure-play IT Inf... more>>
May - 2012 issue
Navin Chaddha is Managing Director at Mayfield Fund, a 43 year old venture capital firm with $2.8 bi... more>>
Managing Change Ability to Agility
R Ramanan - Managing Director & CEO, CMC Ltd
Many organizations which have been around for quite a few years develop great Ability and competenci... more>>
April - 2012 issue
Not just another online store!
Vimali Swamy and Anamika Sahu
2009 founded Yebhi.com, may come across as one among these e-commerce portals, but it is not. ... more>>
Guru Ganesan - Managing Director, ARM - India Operations
"Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual a... more>>
March - 2012 issue
Walk into the carpeted corridors of the Texas Instruments (TI) office in Bangalore, and you see a st... more>>
Changing Role of CEO
S.D. Shibulal - CEO, Infosys
The real change, which I have started to realize, is that the buck stops at me.... more>>
January - 2012 issue
There are two gale storms coming our way that will change how technology investments are planned and... more>>
Today, there is a significant focus on the topic of innovation.... more>>