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December-2012 issue
Cover Story
Author: Vignesh Anantharaj
When someone remotely opens the door of one of most popular cars in the world via their iPhones or makes a reservation at a restaurant on their Android device, there is ProKarma’s innovation subtlety written all over the scenarios. more>>

Company of the Month

Anamika Sahu
Unlike traditional software products, we have a product which is boxed or requires heavy upfront implementation, we have... more>>

Entrepreneur of the Month

Anamika Sahu
someone who believes that good judgment stems from experience, and experience comes from bad judgment, Girish Panicker, CEO of... more>>

In My Opinion

Adesh Gupta - CEO, Liberty Shoes Ltd
I find that the taste of Indian consumers is gradually inclining towards casual, cleaner and younger styles. more>>

CIO Insights

Sudesh Agarwal - CIO, Landmark Group
At Landmark Group, operational excellence is at the heart of everything we do. more>>

VC talk

Neeraj Agarwal - General Partner, Battery Ventures
Mobile is accelerating the internet adoption curve both in the developed and developing countries. more>>
Kavitark Ram Shriram - Managing Partner, Sherpalo Ventures
With six billion people estimated to possess phones in the coming few years, irrespective of the access to a roof above the... more>>

In Conversation

Guruswamy Ganesh - VP & Country Manager, Freescale Semiconductors India
It is estimated that the value of counterfeit parts that made their way into the U.S. supply chain in 2011 was over $5... more>>


Sujaya Banerjee - Chief Learning Officer, Essar Group
Do not see yourself as burdened or set benchmarks by emulating other women who gave up “If it is to be- it is up to me”... more>>

Entrepreneur's Corner

Naveen Bisht - Board Member and Chair, Programs, TiE Silicon Valley
First and foremost advice that entrepreneurs get is to write a business plan. So, it can help them articulate their vision and... more>>

View Point

Natarajan Viswanathan - Managing Director - India & SAARC, CommScope Enterprise Solutions
As more and more customers started building their Data Centers either as captive or as hosted, they have started deploying the... more>>
Jitendranath Patri - Lead Marketing, Central & Brand Factory
The title of this article may seem to come straight out of a Sherlock Holmes story. If the context was different then it... more>>
Gaurav Chindlur - Co-founder & COO, Vizury Interactive Private Solutions
Over the last 18 months, two trends have had a big impact in the digital marketing space. They are 'Real-time Bidding' on the... more>>
Farhan Khan - Head IT, Radico Khaitan
Chief Information Officer (CIO) is a job title commonly given to the most senior executive in an enterprise responsible for the... more>>
Dhiraj Rajaram - Founder & CEO, Mu Sigma
You stand a much better chance of discovering a game-changing insight by taking an approach, because you do not start with... more>>
Ramanujam Komanduri
The major challenge for most of the organizations are not well equipped with infrastructures to manage such scale and are not... more>>

Venture Beat

SI Team
Ezetap, an India-based mobile payments firm frequently likened to Square, has raised a Series a round of Rs.17.5 crore funding,... more>>
SI Team
HubSpot, which helps small and mid-size businesses reach prospective customers using social media, has raised Rs.175 crore in... more>>
SI Team
Vuclip, an independent mobile video and media company, has raised Rs.65 crore in Series D funding led by SingTel Innov8, a new... more>>


Christo Jacob
The majority of the new businesses fail within the first five years and it’s mostly witnessed in India and other developing... more>>
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