March-2012 issue
Cover Story
Author: Vimali Swamy
Walk into the carpeted corridors of the Texas Instruments (TI) office in Bangalore, and you see a string of cubicles. more>>

In My Opinion

S.D. Shibulal - CEO, Infosys
The real change, which I have started to realize, is that the buck stops at me. more>>

CEO Speak

Vimali Swamy
I started my journey in marketing and product development with Nestle. more>>

CIO Insights

Christo Jacob
Kumar Srinivasan is the Chief Product And Technology Officer at Bazaarvoice. more>>

Rear View

Gaurav Makkar - Technical Director, NetApp
Big Data covers a number of different dimensions and means different things to different organizations. more>>

Entrepreneur Corner

Krishnan Ganesh
My first venture was IT&T. During the initial years of my career in the hardware industry. more>>

Entrepreneur Talk

V. Bharathwaj - Founder, MyndGenie
May sound silly to some, but shedding a C level title in a successful company to start something ground up and then beginning... more>>

In Conversation

Santhanakrishnan Raman - MD, LSI India R&D
LSI, as you know focuses on storage and networking market. more>>
Vimali Swamy
Intersil began its transformation into a high performance analog company in 2003, with the divestiture of its wireless business. more>>


Shali Thilakan - Managing Director, Cable&Wireless Worldwide
You can’t run a company on your own. Nor can you run a company only on hard work. more>>
Suman R - Co-founder and Director of Business Strategy, Eos Software Systems
Organizations require a "measurement mind-set" and defined metrics to quantify and gauge the organization success and health. more>>
Elango R - Chief Human Resources Officer, Mphasis
we hit a glass ceiling, don’t get that coveted promotion or worse get fired because we didn’t adapt. more>>
Paresh K. Patel - Founder & CEO, VendScreen
Imagine trying to put together a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle without having seen the picture first. more>>


Neeraj Dotel
There are thousands of literary materials describing what it takes to be a superior organizational leader. more>>
Rohit Bhuta - CEO, Religare Macquarie Private Wealth
A street smart leader knows respect is not a right just because he / she has the largest cabin. more>>


M.M. Prasad - Vice President - System Integration, TATA Elxi
It is huge in India. And we have been in this market since the late 1980s. more>>
Prakash Kini - Director - Technology, Sapient Global Markets
We are globally helping our clients in capital markets, commodities trading, and risk management. more>>
Mohan Sekhar - President and COO, Collabera
Having braved many storms over the years, it’s fair to say the IT Services industry is resilient enough to overcome such... more>>


Himanshu Joshi - Professor, International Management Institute
There is an increased thrust by governments and organizations to go the green way. more>>

Marketing 2.0

Vishwas Nair
"If you cannot explain something properly, you have not understood it well enough". more>>
Vishwas Nair
The internet scenario in India has undergone a rapid change. more>>

HR Speak

Vishwas Nair
The industry is at a very interesting phase currently. more>>

VC talk

Sudheer Kuppam - Managing Director, Intel Capital
For us the most important thing to accomplish is to accelerate the broadband penetration and PC penetration in the country. more>>
Amit Patni - Co-founder and Chairman, Nirvana Venture Advisors
Certain amount is contributed by the Patni family and we are looking to raise another $30 million by the end of March this year. more>>

Venture Beat

SI Team
Global Outlook, a Hyderabad based hosted Microsoft Exchange and Business Communication service provider, has secured around Rs.... more>>
SI Team
The company has created a technology platform and business model to offer quality courses. more>>
SI Team
Brainbees Solutions has raised around Rs. 70 crore in Series B funding led by IDG Ventures and SAIF Partners. more>>

Editor's Desk

Pradeep Shankar
At the start of 2012, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh vowed to more than double India's R&D spending to $8 billion a year by 2017. more>>
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