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Driving Innovation from India

Vimali Swamy
Monday, March 5, 2012
Vimali Swamy
Walk into the carpeted corridors of the Texas Instruments (TI) office in Bangalore, and you see a string of cubicles, engineers in front of their computers or in the labs busy designing integrated circuits and professionals exchanging ideas in small groups. At the first look, you may feel that there is nothing different about this place as compared to a thousand other technology companies in the Indian Silicon Valley.

But then looks can be deceptive. A closer look into the organization is enough for one to realize that this Indian subsidiary of the global semiconductor major is nothing but a powerhouse of innovation, consistently creating products that bring value to customers worldwide. TI in India, housing minds from the best educational institutes and collaborating with other TI locations globally, has created many innovative and world-class semiconductor products. In developing chips for markets such as industrial, consumer, medical, automotive, communications and connectivity, the team has been bringing out cutting edge innovations into its everyday work. Most importantly, these products have been bringing significant value to customers. No surprise that the team also excels in filing patents and presenting papers in highly acclaimed global conferences.

Texas Instruments, the pioneering company where engineer Jack Kilby invented the integrated circuit and essentially launched the modern electronics business, is today focused worldwide on Analog, Embedded Processing and Wireless solutions for a broad range of applications. Several of these products push the envelope of ultra low power, high performance, etc. As the global demand for electronics and hence semiconductors rise, so should TI.

The genesis

Twenty six years back Texas Instruments bet on the Indian talent and became the first global technology company to set up an R&D centre in India. Dr. Biswadip (Bobby) Mitra, President and Managing Director, TI India, joined the company then as a software engineer after completing his B.Tech in Electronics Engineering from IIT Kharagpur. Bobby’s focus on customers and innovative value-added products/solutions over the years is unmistakable.

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1:I have one application in Solar PV design, a small mppt charger controller below 5W working with different batteries: SMF, NiMH, NiCd for portable applications, which can be coupled with the cheap low wattage PV modules, and chines Rechargeable LED lights available in market. This way usage of solar power can be very fast. Same thing can be used for solar mobile charger applications mass market
Posted by: Nageswara Rao K - 26th Mar 2012
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