June-2012 issue
Cover Story
Author: Anamika Sahu & Vishwas Nair
Satish Kumar's office is bustling with activities. As the captain of GLOPORE IMS, a pure-play IT Infrastructure and Service Management (IMS/ITSM) company with its presence in tier I, II and III cities in India, and with global presence... more>>

CIO Insights

Walter Curd - CIO, Maxim
The real overriding trend is the complexity that is increasing. more>>

In My Opinion

Rahul Kanodia - Vice Chairman & CEO, Datamatics
Challenges and opportunities are two sides of the same coin. The trick lies in continuing to flip the coin, when faced with... more>>

Entrepreneur Talk

Ravitej Yadalam - Founder & CEO, Pennyful.com
The e-commerce market in India is growing at an incredible rate. Shoppers are slowly but surely beginning to trust the Indian... more>>

In Conversation

Renee Casanova - Practice Team Director, Unisys
Today most organizations are dealing with the sprawl of their IT infrastructure: more>>
Suarabh Suri - Senior Director, Solutions & Services, Big Data & Predictive Analytics, UST
There is huge data boom happening today. Years ago, terabytes of data was hard to get but today the same can be collected in a... more>>
Dr Wido Menhard
Access to healthcare and assisting healthcare professionals in their daily work with technology is going to be a big opportunity. more>>
Phillip Beniac - Regional Vice President APAC, QlikTech
When we discuss about this, we are talking about Qliktech's future and not just a single product. Looking back into our... more>>

Entrepreneur Corner

Naveen Bisht - Board Member and Chair, TiE Silicon Valley
Pitching to a venture capitalist (VC) is a key step in the process of raising capital for your startup. If you do Google search... more>>


Caroline Turner
Turner is now a business consultant, advising clients on creating cultures of inclusion, facilitating workshops and delivering... more>>

VC talk

Niren Shah - Managing Director, Norwest Venture Partners (NVP) India
Niren Shah is the Managing Director, Norwest Venture Partners (NVP) India. He has 18 years of entrepreneurial, finance,... more>>

View Point

Aravind Ponniraivan - Head-delivery Operations, Maveric Systems
Indian IT industry has been witnessing high volatility, mainly due to economic uncertainties. more>>
Vikram Shanbag - Lead Strategic Business Unit, Comviva
The messaging and the data space is one of the product units we have in Comviva. From our involvement perspective in this... more>>
Ronaldo Foresti - Vice President, Lexmark Asia Pacific and Latin America, Lexmark
We have printers from the low end to the mid range to the high end of the work group devices. Our technology has been... more>>

HR Views

Jim Finkelstein
The financial crisis beginning in 2006 stimulated changes across the board for work and life. more>>


Dan-Joe Barry - VP Marketing, Napatech
One of the potential areas of congestion in mobile networks is the increase in signaling traffic more>>
Nayan Thakkar
With more than 121 million internet users as reported by IAMAI, the internet economy in India is on a steady growth trajectory. more>>
Hari Anil
India is fast becoming a favored R&D hub of the world. more>>

Venture Beat

SI Team
Cbazaar, an online retailer offering Indian ethnic wear and accessories, has raised Rs. 194 crore in Series A funding. more>>
SI Team
Mixpanel, a San Francisco startup that runs a platform for collecting and analyzing data on mobile and web applications, has... more>>


Pradeep Shankar
The Indian IT industry has come a long way. more>>
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