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July-2012 issue
Cover Story
Author: Anamika Sahu
Chin Ho, a software engineer in Korea, is walking through the metro station busy having his breakfast. more>>

In My Opinion

Sunil Dutt - Managing Director, RIM-India
An urgent need for business integrity is being felt across the world. more>>

In Conversation

Anil Pochiraju - Managing Director, F5 Networks
Today with the advent of 3G, increased smart phone adoption and new applications, we are witnessing the world reaching an... more>>
Renee Casanova - Practice Team Director, Unisys
Renee Casanova is the Global Integrated Service Management (ISM) Practice Team Director at Unisys. more>>

View Point

Biju Nair - EVP, Product Management & CSO, Synchronoss Technologies
Biju Nair is the EVP, Product Management and CSO, Synchronoss Technologies and has over 18 years' experience as an... more>>
Prashant Mitta - Founder & CEO, TechInventio
Most business faces the well known "chicken and egg" situations once in a while and startups seem to encounter it more often... more>>
VVR Kishore - VP, Engineering & Head- India Operations, Roamware
On a recent overseas trip, I landed at the airport and my phone struggled to latch onto a local network. more>>

CIO Insights

V S Parthasarthy - Group CIO & Executive VP of M&A, Finance & Accounts, Mahindra & Mahindra
It is interesting to note that technology in enterprises is no more an additive and has become ecological. more>>

VC talk

Avnish Bajaj - Managing Director, Matrix Partners
There are two trends that separate early investment to early growth investment. more>>


SI Team
Startup City, Asia's largest startup event culminated in Bangalore on June 2, 2012. more>>

Entrepreneur Talk

Sanjay Mehta - CEO, MAIA Intelligence
I have been in the IT industry since 1993 with more than 18 years of experience. more>>


Jaswinder Ahuja - Corporate Vice President & Managing Director, Cadence India
In this kind of challenging scenario, Cadence's new CEO took several steps to articulate a new direction for the company. more>>
Shobhit Goyal - Founder, SEEDS Education
Differences between people influence how they behave, feel, do and are perceived and has a direct impact on the way they work. more>>


Punit Thakkar - CEO, Shivaami
We find so many individuals who have dropped out of their web business dreams due to the inability to sustain the proper level... more>>
Bob Doppelt - Executive Director, The Resource Innovation Group
The economy is in the tank and thousands of people are out of work. more>>
Nitin Mukesh - Program Director, SAP Labs India
The world is becoming increasingly carbon conscious as rapid developments are being made. more>>

Venture Beat

SI Team
The classifieds site Quikr, has raised $32 million in series E round of funding from Warburg Pincus. more>>
SI Team
Voicetap, the three-year old startup plans to raise $7 million in the second round of funding. more>>
SI Team
The Bangalore based Zovi is an online apparel store which caters to men and women. more>>
SI Team
We see significant long term opportunity in bringing an integrated platform solution to the market. more>>


Christo Jacob
Gone are the days where social media and personal gadgets were considered as a nuisance in the work place. more>>
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