ECD: The Sheer Genius in Securing 'All Things Cyber'

Anamika Sahu
Thursday, December 4, 2014
Anamika Sahu
The first cybercrime was noted around two centuries back in 1820 by a textile manufacturer in France who produced loom. Since then, it has travelled a long way to engulf the entire globe under its dark shadow. Today, cybercrime costs the global economy around $575 billion annually with U.S. taking a $100 billion hit, the largest of any country, reports McAfee. In this past two centuries, technology has also made advancement from loom manufacturing to probably every aspect of our life. The explosive growth in social media and data connectivity has permanently altered, and in several cases brought together the business and consumer landscapes. Unfortunately, this connectivity and access has a cynicism. It has empowered motivated, sophisticated criminals who operate below the silver lining making them untraceable. Thus, several organizations never realize they are being targeted until long after the damage is done. This electronic menace is becoming one of the most threatening ways of economic crime globally.

In a world where the word '100 percent security' has no existence, putting a number on the cost of cybercrime and cyber espionage becomes the headlines every other day. Several entities never have clear insight into whether their network and the data contained therein have been breached or even to the extent, lost. Though criminals still have difficulty turning stolen data into financial gain, the constant flashing of such organizations should establish a capability that deals with incidents to help minimize threat and loss. Such organizations need partners who are trustworthy and reliable to the extent that they can provide them access to their valuable data to secure them and ECD is one of them.

Ensuring High Quality Security

This Cyber Security Risk and Assurance services company was incepted in 2008 by charismatic Kiran and is headquartered in London with their Testing Center of Excellence located in the Silicon Valley of Asia, Bangalore. With strong corporate governance practices and an effective delivery model, ECD has set the right standards and invigorated the industry through their innovative security solutions and uncompromised value & ethics. "The cybercrime has progressed and nobody is spared in this. Right from simple email account to organizations, e-Commerce websites, to financial portals, almost anything can be accessed and misused. The modus operandi for these attacks has reached highly sophisticated levels and the crosshair is on some of the world's largest corporations and government entities," explains Kiran, CEO, ECD.

ECD is engaged in high quality information security assignments with leading MNCs and governments across North America, South America, South Africa, Europe and Asia-Pacific. The proud owner of high credentials, ECD have high security testing center with robust governance, 24/7 Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE), well defined security testing strategy with in-house security research team, rigorous training on latest technologies with multilingual support, testing methodology and security reports in sync with industry's compliances and standards, and maintenance of highest quality industry standards with cost-effective solutions. Under the leadership of Kiran and with his highly experienced team comprising of over 100 ERS professionals across India and abroad, more than 10 certified Information Security Auditors and more, ECD is on the path to create a clean and no-nonsense cyber environment. ECD's security team has conducted over 1500 vulnerability assessments & penetration tests on web and e-Commerce applications, 400+ security assessments on mobile native apps and social media applications and more than 120 non-recursive network penetration tests. Their extended services including vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, functional testing, performance testing, managed security services, security audits, risk management services and digital forensics are par ahead compared to other services and security services companies within the industry. Moving above the value chain with their single goal to help clients address their organization's enterprise risk services, ECD has become the first line of defense for their clients.

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