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MRSS India.com

Nandini Mukherjee
Thursday, December 4, 2014
Nandini Mukherjee
The parent company of MRSS India has been in business for nearly 12 years and focused on multi country research sourced from abroad. Given the changes in consumer behavior and the significant role technology plays today, they realized the burning need to have an agency that leveraged technology in market research in India. With this vision in mind, they launched MRSS India.com to cater to the needs of the Indian clients who recognized that the landscape is changing rapidly and marketers need to get rich feedback from consumers quickly to give them an edge over their competitors.

Overcoming the Challenges

Conventional research tends to be slow and is just not able to give clients timely information that gives real insight. Over the years, clients have got used to receiving superficial consumer feedback and that too after a few weeks, given older methods of collecting data. Today, clients realize that they need to get a deep understanding of consumer behavior, what motivates. MRSS India.com recognizes this gap and has totally changed the way they approached the business of market research and intelligence. Company came up with a suite of products and services that were totally unique in the Indian context.


One of the flagship services of MRSS India.com is a cloud-based customer intelligence platform called Vision Critical, which allows companies to build engaged secure communities of customers they can use continuously, across the enterprise, for ongoing, real-time feedback and insight. Vision Critical technology helps large, customer-centric enterprises discover what their customers want so they can deliver what they need. Many companies including Banana Republic, Time Inc. and Discovery Communications use Vision Critical's technology to build better products, deliver better services and achieve better business outcomes. Also, a very interesting service that the company offers is static and wearable eye tracking. The optimum use of eye tracking with screen-based visual stimulation offers contact-free tracking allowing consumers' free head motion. In addition, the system is fast and easy to configure, deploy and operate, as well as being accurate and reliable, providing data in real-time.

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