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BNA Technology Consulting

Nandini Mukherjee
Thursday, December 4, 2014
Nandini Mukherjee
With the wide-spread adaption of a unified infrastructure for Data, Automation & Control,Voice & Data,IT Infrastructures have become very sophisticated over the past two decades and the design, build and delivery of such infrastructures calls for highly qualified and trained man-power. But the tendency of major SIs to turn the IT Infrastructure into a commodity, makes it difficult for many pure-play infrastructure companies to support such high costs in a commoditized market space. BNA Technology has been in this space for the past 25 years and is primarily focused on delivering high performance IT Infrastructure, based on the state-of-art products and emerging standards, mostly for jobs that require thousands of ports. BNA has worked with the best of global technology giants in building their computing, Data Centre, R&D and Lab Infrastructure including world's leading network and telecom equipment providers, largest semiconductor corporations, oil and gas corporations as well as leading healthcare institutions.

The company follows a 'Blue Ocean' strategy to help position itself against competition. They pick up areas that require specialized skills in design and implementation and provide services that are differentiated from the commoditized approach that many other companies follow in this space.


Apart from the standard based high-performance and high-availability IT Infrastructure, BNA specializes in design and delivery of Performance Tuned IT Infrastructure for specialized verticals such as IP Surveillance, IP based Audio/broadcast Networking, IP based Digital entertainment Solutions, IP based Industrial Communication Systems. Some of the past implementations done by BNA include-

(1) Commonwealth Games Broadcast Audio Network consisted of an IT infrastructure spread across 24 stadiums and the central data centre with a performance level of 99.999 availability of the underlying services (audio-delivery over IP) - not just network up-time. The company delivered availability levels surpassing all expectations. This was the first implementation of IP Based Broadcast audio in any major games village across the world.

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