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eScan: The Lucrative Armor for Your Technology-Savvy Systems

Kavitha G.
Wednesday, December 3, 2014
Kavitha G.
With the rate of cyber threats reaching the zenith, cyber security has evolved into a more daunting challenge in the fast-paced technology-driven epoch. Particularly, the technology-dependant organizations are witnessing a catastrophic damage to their financial growth. A recent report by PwC also shows a 20 percent increase in the average loss from the security breaches. While the ample models of anti-security have outgrown into a fully-pledged shields to diverse networks, lamentably, they have not yet been successful in curtailing the viruses to grow into more sophisticated, stealthy and targeted criminals. This has also leveraged companies to hunt for more holistic solution which includes multi-dimensional and multi-layered initiatives that not only secures systems from getting attacked, but also fortify them from the future risks, while not sacrificing their performance. Born to annihilate that need, a one-for-all solution, eScan brings forth an integrated platform that make the product the most favored Anti-Virus and Content Security solution amongst the rest.

Developed and marketed by a leading developer of advanced Information Security Solutions, MicroWorld, eScan is engineered to provide protection from current and emerging threats. Incorporated in 1993 by a dynamic entrepreneur and technocrat, Govind Rammurthy, MicroWorld has been providing a comprehensive protection against evolving IT security threats for Enterprise, SMB, home user segments and for various platforms such as Windows, Mac, Linux and Android. Certified and electrified by advanced technology and cloud-based model ground, the spectrum of security solutions of MicroWorld covers eScan and MailScan that are ingrained with Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, Content Security, Anti-Spam and Network Intrusion Prevention solutions. Celebrated by its performance and viable ingredients, eScan ensures security not only from the external sources, but also from internal resources that can hinder the growth of the overall organization. Well-equipped to handle multiple requirements, the standardized and customized exemplary does not ask for any avant-garde operating systems to back it; rather, can also work on out-dated systems with maximum performance and minimal footprint. With major emphasis on cloud, mobility and MSP domains, the company has also developed many applications that ensure wise and controlled usage of Smartphones in a thriving BYOD or Smartphones-driven culture. With this, the brand is geared up to expand its private cloud integration to public, thus facilitating SMBs to manage their IT infrastructure easily. "Tightened integration for iOS will be our prime focus and will be out in the first quarter of the next year," states Govind Rammurthy CEO & MD, eScan.

Ushering Secured Innovation

The wide knowledge gap about the security threats and solutions has led organizations to become more reluctant to adopt a concrete policy that shield their network completely. eScan is proactively aiding this dearth by providing certification courses to its customers where the top management heads are trained and enabled, not only to recover the security disasters but also to foresee the potential threats.While the company is extremely vigilant about its globally spread clientele, it also does not fail to make its employees feel best and motivated through its open work ambience. "Claimed to be the Microsoft of India among the media, we are one of the very few product companies in our country that has demand world over. This happens to be the biggest motivating factors for the people who work here," concludes Govind.

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