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Information is Money stored in the form of bytes in the present era of digitalization. Securing information is worth storing diamonds, yet many businesses in India despite of knowing the value of data, have a reactive approach to this. Instead of being precautionary and taking preventive measures in advance, they wait for an incident to happen and then act on it. Well, this is not a vague statement. A recent study conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) substantiates the same. It shows a 20 percent increase in the business loss caused due to information leaks during 2013-2014 and the average cost of a security incident for Indian companies has doubled from $194 to $414 in 2014. Inversely the cyber security spending by Indian organizations went down by about 17 percent during the same period.

Organizations, in the race to be ahead of the technology curve, many-a-times fail to keep their eyes on sophisticated intrusions happening in their networks with intent to stop them reaching their goals. With the rate of cyber attacks hitting epidemic proportions, it has become imperative for the organizations to not only secure their networks from getting attacked, but also fortify their business critical information from potential risks. Businesses today are looking for more holistic and competent security solutions & services that salvage their systems from both the external and internal invaders without trimming down systems' performance.

With an objective to help CIO's and IT leaders effectively assess risk areas with respect to people, processes, policies and technology and build an effective shield against ill-wills eyeing on your business critical data, siliconindia identifies '25 Most Promising Cyber Security Companies'. A distinguished panel of the industry's topmost CIOs, IT Heads, CEOs, and industry analysts including siliconindia's editorial board scrutinized the list throughout the year. The list intends to help you chose a cyber security solutions provider who not only focuses on combating cyber attacks and invasions, but also serve as an enduring security partner helping organizations improve their success ratio without security apprehensions and also assist them deliver an uncompromising performance and quality business. 

25 Most Promising Cyber Security Companies

Company Founder Founded Description
Aspirantz InfoSec  
Suraj Kumar,               Founder 2010 A provider of intensive, immersion security services that cover ethical Hacking, Penetration Testing, Information Security, Network Security, Web Security and  range of certifications in different security domains


CAT CyberLabs 

Amarnath Sankar,       MD & CEO 2012 A provider of training programmes which cover public lectures, presentations and seminars on Cyber Security & Ethical Hacking
Neelabh Rai,                         Founder   2008 A provider of services such as ICS Security Technology Licensing, Embedded Systems Security and Tamper Protection, Critical Information Infrastructure Protection,  Cyber Security Research and  Zero-day Attacks Protection Technology
Cyber Octet  
Falgun Rathod,           Founder & MD 2011 A provider of portfolio of security services that cover Web Application VAPT, network security, security auditing, security policies and crime investigation through a vulnerability assessment and penetration testing service program
Hemal Patel,                    Founder & CEO 1999 A provider of user identity-based network security in its next-gen firelwalls/unified threat management appliances, allowing visibility and granular control into who is accessing what in business networks
Data Resolve                 Technologies  
New Delhi 
Dhruv Khanna,             Founding Team Member & CEO 2008 A provider of spectrum of services which cover Data Loss Prevention (DLP), Device Control, Application and Browser Control, and others that cater to a wide range of industry segments and organization sizes

Delta Proactive Risk Management 
Anshul Abhang,        Founder & CEO 2010 A provider of  proprietary services such as extensive risk management, IT Security Audits, Digital Forensic Investigations and Secure SDLC Services
ECD Global Infotech 
Kiran,                               CEO
2008 A provider of cost-effective cyber security risk and assurance services that include Vulnerability Assessment, Internal & External Infrastructure Testing, Mobile App Testing and Wireless Testing
Govind Rammurthy, CEO & MD 1993 A provider of advanced information security solutions that offers comprehensive protection against evolving IT security threats 
i3indya Cyber Solution             New Delhi.  
Jaspreet Singh,           Co-founder & Director 2009 A provider of security services which cover penetration testing, security auditing, Computer Forensics, Cyber Crime Investigation and IT Consultancy

Pune                                                 lantoris.com 


Anshul Abhang,  MD & CEO 1999

A provider of 360 degree cyber security growth education with expertise in e-learning.

Mirox Cyber Security 
& Technology  
Kerala                       miroxindia.com
Rajesh Babu,               CEO & MD 2008 A provider of IT Security and Networking Solutions which also cover training and development services to Banking, Insurance, Healthcare, Research center, IT, Government and on the like key sectors  

NetConclave Systems                     Pune                                            www.netconclave.com

Niranjan. P. Reddy Founder & CTO 2003 A provider of information security consultancy & training services across the globe
Parag Pruthi,
Founder, Chairman & CEO
1997 A provider of real-time, forensics-based cyber security and network monitoring solutions to secure critical infrastructure, optimize service delivery and reduce compliance risks
Pristine Infosolutions
Rizwan Shaikh,         Founder and CTO 2009 A provider of global IT services and Information Security solutions spectrum that cover IT Infrastructure Management, IT Security and Audit Services, Cyber Crime Investigations, Cyber Law and the  IT Security training services
Quick Heal                     Technologies Pune
Kailash Katkar,
CEO & Founder
1993 A provider of a complete IT security solutions that address both enterprise and consumer security markets
Rex Cyber Solution  
Rex Aantonny, Founder & CEO 2014 A provider of complete cyber security solutions which includes security training, cyber & computer forensics
RMAR Technologies  
Kanpur (UP)
Akash Shukla,             Founder, Director & CEO 2009 A provider of complete web-space security solutions that encompass Web Application Penetration Testing, Website Auditing and Cyber Crime Investigation services

SecArmour                                 New Delhi                    secarmour.com

Vishal Mishra,              CEO 2013 A provider of quality security services such as Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Assessment, Cyber Forensics, Data Recovery and Incident Response that provide in-depth security
Secugenius Security
Punjab                                             secugenius.com
Harpreet Khattar,         Founder 2010 A priovider of security services such as cyber security, cyber forensics, penetration testing, website & network security, malware analysis, website auditing and training services


Secure Matrix                              Mumbai                    securematrix.in

Savrabh B Dani,         MD 2001 A provider of Cyber Security Engineering Research, training and Consulting seervices that encompass Red Teaming, application security, threat analysis cyber forensics and capacity building
TAC Security 
Ludhiana                                        tacsecurity.co.in
Trishneet Arora,     Founder & CEO 2011 A provider of cost-effective IT security solutions that cover Ethical Hacking & Cyber Security Training, Network Security, Website Security, Cyber Crime Investigations, Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessment


Valency Networks   
Prashant Phatak,         Managing Director 2008 A provider of monolithic and quality based portfolio of IT security solutions that covers  IT performance and monitoring solutions, Penetration Testing, Ethical Hacking, IT audit, compliance and governance
Neeket R Pokharrna, Founder & Director 2008 A provider of a portfolio of security services which encompasses Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing, Cyber Crime Investigations, Security Audits, Data Backup and Recovery, cyber law consulting, forensics, R & D and cyber training


XSec Technologies 
Praveen Easwaramurthi,     Co-Founder & CEO 2008 A provider of offensive and defensive Cyber Security services that cover Identity Threat Management, Cyber Forensic, Web Application Assessment and Risk & Compliance services