Let's Shake Our Legs

Anamika Sahu
Friday, December 5, 2014
Anamika Sahu
Owing to the recent augmented virtual world attacks globally, the Indian government is preparing to set up a Rs.950 crore cyber security centre. This would preferably be one of the initial steps towards securing our mission critical data from the thieves hiding under the veil. Recently, there has been a humongous rise in the headlines addressing cyber attacks on companies, government agencies and websites across the globe. And the story of the private pictures of celebrities being stolen and posted on social media became the talk of the town. These incidents attest how safe our credentials are in the world of internet.

A recent report from PwC states a 20 percent increase in the business loss due to information leaks. The biggest of the companies and the biggest of the governments globally are struggling to find ways out of cyber crimes, cyber espionage, phishing, spam emails and others. While these don't just steal the valuable data, but also paralyzes the brand value of an organization and people fear to do business with them. It is a call for us to shake our legs. While there are several cyber security companies present in the market, it is essential to find the right fit who can stop such attacks from entering into our network. To help organizations accomplish their cyber security goal, we bring to you '25 Most Promising Cyber Security Companies'. The list attests such companies who not only provide security solutions but becomes partner in securing your information from being hijacked.

Also, we bring to you the story of 'ECD: The Sheer Genius in Securing 'All Things Cyber' in our cover story. The company brings live all its promises to secure your cyber world.

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Anamika Sahu
Managing Editor

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