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Abhinav Outsourcing

Sumant Hebballi
Thursday, December 4, 2014
Sumant Hebballi
Abhinav is amongst the earlier companies in Asia to introduce the concept of Immigration through permanent Residency, way back, in 1994. Today, the company offers advice for skilled professionals for major migration destinations like Australia, Canada, U.S., UK, Hong Kong, Singapore, Denmark and many others. The company has three key divisions: Immigration, Business Consulting and Legal Outsourcing. The company is amongst pioneers in Immigration Consulting Business in India and has two separate departments in its immigration division:

1. Immigration Programs for Skilled and Professionals
2. Immigration Programs for Businessmen, Self-employed, investors

Abhinav Outsourcing is the brainchild of Ajay Sharma, a business economist. As a first generation serial entrepreneur, he saw consultation in immigration field as an opportunity in early 90's. Today, Abhinav is a professionally managed company with well established servicing systems, experienced management team and business managers, seasoned process executives and well-established international network of experienced immigration specialists. The company is known for its Immigration, Business Consulting and Legal Outsourcing services.

The Industry Challenges

Wrong, misleading and misguided promises related to "job search services", "resume making services" and "post landing facilities" made by some of the most well known names in the industry is inflicted on unsuspecting clients and gives bad name to the immigration industry. What is offered in the name of these are some web-links that one can find on one's own initiative in 5-minute net search or post landing facilities that are sub-standard and not worth the payment that has been charged. Also, "Playing with words" is perhaps the biggest pain that the industry suffers from. And where the client pays an industry standard fee, he rarely gets services of an "authorized representative". In the process, genuine service providers suffer a lot. To review ones services is of course the right thing but in service industry many situations can arise and immigration consultant may not always be wrong. But such "forums" are often misused to brand an immigration consultant a "cheat" or "fraud" even when he is not in the wrong. Abhinav stands out in the crowd by being transparency in its dealings with all stakeholders. Also, more than 50 percent of the team consists of experienced staff having experience in the immigration industry for 10 years or more. The company's professionally management and their international network are also one of the major USP of the company.

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