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Transparency Market Research

Nandini Mukherjee
Wednesday, December 3, 2014
Nandini Mukherjee
The inception of Transparency Market Research (TMR) was prompted by the fact that market research companies which primarily operate on an offshore model were getting much commercialized. They were more interested in the mass production of reports. They also noticed that many companies were losing their focus on employees by focusing more on top line and bottom line growth only. Employees are at the core of every research company and the primary intellectual property that a company has. In this scenario, they felt there was a real need for an organization that focuses not on mass production of research reports, but delivers quality research, where employees are able to demonstrate their value. Transparency Market Research was formed on the ideology that a company is for the employees, by the employees, of the employees and made by employees. The employees are driven by the common value of passion to deliver transparent, innovative, and strategic solutions that meet clients' needs. TMR follows a well-defined client relationship model and keeps in touch with them even after the sale of the report. They do not compromise on quality and endeavor to ensure that each client is satisfied. Their main motto is – 'satisfied employees, satisfied clients'.


TMR offers an array of solutions spanning customized research, syndicated research reports, and consulting services. Every client has unique product offering, criteria, and statement. Their solutions are thus centered on what the client's 'problem statement' is. TMR's customized research process starts by understanding the problem statement at an industry level – what are the challenges and the potential solutions. They then deploy designated teams to conduct extensive primary research. The company performs desk research to validate if the primary research data is consistent, from the client's standpoint. After this, they perform a triangulation process where the primary and secondary research is validated with their existing database (collected over the years with enormous investments and experience). After data triangulation, they use standard market forecasting tools which include detailed statistical data. TMR follows a correlation model, moving average and a regression model with standard forecasts and deviations. After the statistical analysis, they perform market forecasting, identification, and others. They communicate with clients regularly to check if the research is heading in the right direction. The company delivers reports to clients in stringent compliance with all of these processes. Where TMR's customized research addresses the problem statement of individual clients, their syndicated research services address problems of the industry at an industry level. The key difference between both is that in customized research, they perform a number of interviews and initial primary research to understand the problem statement before initiating the report.

Future Roadmap

TMR aims to grow beyond a 1,000-member team. They aim to not only increase employee strength, but also the quality of their employees. The company hopes to achieve this by adding employees that go beyond the average industry standard of 5-6 years of experience. They hire people from diverse backgrounds, preferring to not limit talent from research background. They have ex-army officers now doing research for the defense sector, doctors in the healthcare research department, automobile engineers with extensive industry experience working for the automotive and transportation research department, and experienced IT industry professionals in the IT research department.

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