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Changing the Game: Adaptive Defense

By Ramsunder Papineni, Regional Director (India & SAARC), FireEye
Thursday, December 4, 2014
By Ramsunder Papineni, Regional Director (India & SAARC), FireEye
FireEye (NASDAQ: FEYE) is a network security company that provides automated threat forensics and dynamic malware protection against advanced cyber threats. This California headquartered company has a current market cap of $4.99 billion.

In the world of network security organizations are often so busy reacting to the latest attack that there's no time to do anything except try to keep up. But things change, and it's time that incident response adapts too.

For years, attackers have penetrated even the most secure organizations. Despite having the latest technology and top-notch personnel in place to prevent breaches, threat actors have managed to find ways to successfully infiltrate networks. Somehow, they've always stayed a step � or sometimes more � ahead, exploiting weaknesses we didn't know were there. These attackers are stealthy, well-funded and dynamic. As a result, they are able to adapt their strategies to overcome even the tightest security measures.

To counter a fast moving adversary, we need to change our approach to protecting data - enter Adaptive Defense.

Not a product or a marketable commodity, adaptive defense is a new approach that can advance the speed and effectiveness of security programs. It's a strategy to help companies shrink their target surface and shorten the "alert-to-fix" cycle - all in an effort to minimize damages from successful breaches.

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