By Vikas Saxena, Sr. Vice President - ESS, G4S India
Wednesday, December 3, 2014
By Vikas Saxena, Sr. Vice President - ESS, G4S India
In the last one decade the security needs of hospitality industry have evolved immensely. Apart from the painful memories of 26/11, we have seen hotels and resorts in Kenya, Jordan, Pakistan and Bali being targeted by terrorists. Hotels and restaurants all over the world have realized the importance of investing heavily into security to ensure a safe and secure environment for their guests and staff. In recent years, the security threats that hotels face have become more complex. Hospitality industry is forging new partnerships with private security agencies to deal with such threats.

G4S Electronic Security Systems provides bespoke security solutions to hospitality organizations across the globe. G4S portfolio of security solutions is suited to help and protect staff, visitors and secure facilities. The speed of service, courtesy and customer satisfaction are critical success factors of the hospitality industry. G4S solutions have been designed keeping these in mind. Over the last few years, G4S has introduced various systems that not only help the customers save time but also provide them a peace of mind. One such solution is Symmetry. Symmetry is a security management system software based on Microsoft's .NET architecture. This system is noted for its flexibility and interoperability. Symmetry addresses all the perceived Security & System Continuity Concerns.

Theft Prevention:

Symmetry Security Management System reduces the risk of theft by ensuring non-authorized staff and visitors are unable to access key areas. CCTV cameras are installed in high vulnerable areas where theft can occur or can be reviewed as part of an investigation.

Protection of Staff & Property:

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