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Studies show that cost of repairing a defect found during operations is 880 times more than the cost for repairing the same during requirements phase of the software life cycle. As technology is shrinking the world and spoiling customers with lots of choices, QA is not perceived as a luxury anymore. Technology’s infiltration in sensitive domains like healthcare is forcing the organizations to get validated thoroughly to meet regulatory requirements. On the other hand, entrepreneurs who have a reputation to maintain are gladly embracing QA to win more quality conscious customers. Above all, quality certification is a major selling point.

As people are getting smarter, the QA world is getting stronger. Especially the brilliant minds of India are occupying 30 to 40 percent market share of QA industry. It is partly because the Indian economy is thrusting them to pioneer ideas to increase efficiency in a much reduced cost. QA brings trust & respect to CIO and enhanced efficiency to the organization. It also provides confidence & comfort to CMOs, as they can be sure that they are selling high-standard product which works excellently. In essence, QA bestows CEOs with higher RoI and word-of-mouth publicity from repeated customers.

Understanding these crucial needs of organizations; siliconindia brings to you “20 Most Promising QA Testing Companies” who have been successfully testing their clients’ softwares and processes; thus helping them to excel in their businesses. A distinguished panel of the industry’s topmost CEOs, CIOs, VCs and analysts including siliconindia’s editorial board scrutinized the list of QA Testing Services providers. Many of these providers leverage emerging technologies akin to cloud and mobility to help customers stay competitive in a cost-effective manner. The list intends to help you chose the company that suits your specific requirement and help you to attain a reputation with greater efficiency, quality and RoI.

20 Most Promising QA Testing Companies

Company Founder Founded Description


Mohammad Asad Khan,                     Co-Founder 2007 A provider of high-end software testing programs and test solutions to ISVs, software product companies and SMEs


Amitysoft Technologies  
Chennai                        amitysoft.com

Jayakumar KR, Director 1998 A provider of software testing with a demonstrated ability to break software that has retained customers over many years
AUDITime Quality Management
Madhav Bhadra,
2000 A provider of comprehensive QA services and solutions with a customer-centric-approach and has adopted multiple best-of-quality standards


Cigniti Technologies
Hyderabad                       cigniti.com

Sudhakar Pennam, Founder & CEO 1998 A provider of software testing using a combination of onsite consulting, offshore test execution and application of tools and frameworks that will reduce the number of post release defects and do it faster
CresTech Software Systems           
Pankaj Goel,           Co-Founder & CEO 2005 A provider of specialized software testing and QA services that is trusted by Fortune 500 enterprises and start-ups

Pune                             focusqa.com

Pritam Bhandari, Founder & CEO 2006 A provider of end-to-end testing service that is committed to provide world-class services & solutions as well as complete attention & commitment to each client
Hanu Software
Anil Singh,       Founder & CEO 2002 A provider of expert quality assurance and testing through out the entire development process
Ideavate Solutions

Shishir Danani,           CEO
2003 A provider of Outsourced Software Testing services to ISVs that helps clients to develop high quality products, while significantly reducing the cost of ownership and time to market

LMS Solutions (India)
Amit Jain,
Co-Founder & CEO
2008 A provider of niche end-to-end solution that covers complete SDLC and reduces automation testing cost leveraging highly customizable framework

PASS Technologies
Bangalore                             pass.ch

Dieter Speidel,
1989 A provider of  professionally managed crowdsource testing services that utilizes technology to offer extraordinary end-to-end delivery; thereby enabling better quality & results

QASymphony                          Atlanta                  qasymphony.com

David Keil, CEO 2011 A provider of test management and agile testing solutions to help businesses create better software
Silicus Technologies         Pune
Sumant Ahuja, President & CEO 2000 A provider of flexibility to engage managed testing & QA services at different levels from operating an end-to-end quality assurance program to providing specific offshore software testing services
Smart Testing Solutionz
Ganesan Balasubramanian,
2010 A provider of offshore software testing services specializing in travel, mobile, test automation, performance testing and other software testing services
SPAN Infotech
Prakash Grama,       Co-Founder & CEO
1993 A provider of robust and repeatable testing processes to reduce time and cost associated with achieving measurable goals for independent verification and validation of products

SQS India Infosystems
Pune                                    sqs.com

Gireendra Kasmalkar,              MD & CEO
1982 A provider of standardised, tried and tested Test Management services with focus on results, as well as cost and time savings
Sunera Technologies, Inc.
Hyderabad             suneratech.com

Srikanth Pakala, CEO

2004 A provider of automated Testing-as-a-Service called SmarTEST that simplifies automated testing for packaged and custom applications

Synerzip                                     Pune

Hemant Elhence, Founder & CEO 2004 A provider of robust dual-shore agile software delivery approach that assists clients to leverage offshore economics  while reducing their risk of software development
Test and Verification Solutions
Dr. Mike Bartley, Founder & CEO 2008 A provider of hardware verification and software testing services helping embedded computing and semiconductor industries to improve product time to market and product quality
ThinkSys Inc
Rajiv Jain,                CEO
2012 A provider of wide variety of comprehensive end-to-end QA services that combine power, functionality and reliability with flexibility, agility and usability

ZenTEST Labs                         Pune                      zentestlabs.com

Krishna Iyer,          CEO 2006 A provider of expert independent software testing services with a niche focus on the banking & financial services, e-Learning and mobile domains