NDS Global: Out of the League Enterprise Architecture Services spanning Business, Cloud, Mobility & Digital

Anamika Sahu
Monday, November 24, 2014
Anamika Sahu
Are you looking for a partner with enterprise architectural skills who not just offers integrated approach to organization-wide strategic, business and technology planning but also full lifecycle and consulting services? If yes, then NDS Global is your answer; NDS has been climbing the success ladder since its inception in 1999.

NDS has built a habit to offer high caliber IT enterprise architectural services that were previously available to and afforded by Fortune 500 companies. This right sized and trusted Microsoft Gold Partner with a focus on industry best practices, unified business processes & philosophy of Architect/Integrate/Support delivers successful go-live's in optimized timeframes and estimated budgets. NDShas emerged as one of the most preferred partners focused on delivering integrated services for unified business processes including ERP, CRM, Project & Portfolio solutions, Business Intelligence. The company also offers digital solutions including enterprise social, enterprise cloud, analytics on cloud and enterprise mobility solutions. Having earned an extensive experience from working with the finest businesses in variety of industries across the globe, NDS has attained the competency to provide enterprise solutions on Microsoft products; regardless of the customer's industry but more so on Manufacturing, Banking & Financial Services, Professional Services, Logistics & Retail.

Thanks to its team of 300+ world class Enterprise IT consultants who provide technical & business expertise to clients, and nearly half a century of aggregated industry experience of the top management team in the U.S. and India that together form a new war chest to eliminate customers' ordeals. Danny Gaekwad, President-CEO, NDS Global, is a first generation entrepreneur who has over two and a half decade of experience in building successful diversified businesses across Real Estate, Hospitality & IT. Vikram Bharwada, COO, NDS Global, holds over two decades of extensive enterprise IT solutions experience and heads the entire operations to include Sales & Delivery. He is also crowned with designing NDS' Enterprise Architecture Services mainly for growing mid-sized corporations and wears the hat of a mentor to all the consultants. Together, they make one of the strongest management team in the industry.

On the other hand, each consultant deployed at NDS has an experience ranging between 3-20 years in Technology, Project Management and Enterprise Solution Consulting. The semiformal work culture at NDS elates employees, thus providing space to collaborate and leverage cross team knowledge which adds to customer satisfaction. Unlike other services firms, NDS' employees enjoy flexible working hours, remote work and work from home that helps company obtain high performance power and spread its wings globally. "As a group and as a company, our financials are extremely strong to invest into customers" stories and to be able to train our consultants where they gain skills and expertise on three dimensions: Technology, Industry Solutions and professional & soft skills which give a strategic advantage in serving customers," explains Vikram.

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