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AxionConnect: Expediting Businesses with Cutting-Edge Decision Management Frameworks

Kavitha G.
Sunday, November 23, 2014
Kavitha G.
While decision management has significantly moved beyond Business Intelligence Units to Board Rooms of the corporate, deriving the value from the data assets still remains as the 'need of the hour'. To nullify the risks, enterprises search for those ideal analytical solutions which help them to derive meaningful outcomes and be on the crest of the wave. The Bangalore headquartered AxionConnect Infosolution Pvt. Ltd. is one such company which hones the businesses by helping them easily harvest the pool of data in both structured and un-structured format. Accentuated by decades of experience in building world class predictive models and reporting frameworks, the brand endeavors to live up to its tagline 'Empowering Business Decisions' thus enabling clients to enhance operational and financial efficiency. "We look at data not only from statistical resilience view but also from a perspective of its relevance in the current business scenario. We actually hand craft use case for clients, prove its worth taking the jump and then assist them in development and execution. We have therefore kept our platforms open and we refer to them as 'Frameworks'," affirms Sanjay Rao N, Managing Partner, AxionConnect.

Rewinding back a few years, the technology of Predictive Analytics & Quantative Research was only to be seen in the service list of large companies which ceased smaller organizations to access the technology. But today, the world-class frameworks of AxionConnect have made advanced analytics more affordable to enterprises of any size, while increasing penetration. The brand has moved beyond the generic hitches like market penetration, funds and scalability and is a leading services entity that offers cutting edge models in the area of statistical modeling for quantitative risk, acquisitions, underwriting, claims, pricing and other business functions for various industries and associated analytic services. The 2011 incepted company is engineered to improve the bottom-line of the companies by furnishing step-by-step analytics processes with advanced predictive platforms. Backed by the powerful tools and techniques, the very efficient yet compact services of the company cut down the sales cycle time, thus improvising the delivery quality across the key sectors of insurance, telecom & banking.

An insurance business operates under multiple influences and challenges. With rich analytic-driven services, AxionConnect helps insurance companies to develop analytical frameworks using a wide range of statistical applications, programs and models. Besides Insurance domain, ACIL also vests its expertise in aiding the predicaments of Banking and Telecom sectors. The unique channels such as, Customer & Risk Analytics have led the company to stand out and head the pack. ACIL has methodized an interactive model where in both the teams from ACIL and the client companies work closely, enabling a faster success and built trust with the stakeholders. The proven methodologies on premise and remote engagement models for development and analytic services crafted out at the company offer customized services.

The Try-Fail-Innovate Strategy
Robert Kennedy once said, "Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly". Living up to this phrase, AxionConnect believes in continuous innovation and refrain its crew from recommended approach. "We have always encouraged our employees in not being afraid to fail. We challenge them in setting new targets and goals in a half yearly basis,"adds Mr.Tarun Soni who heads service delivery and Innovation.. With its robust team, the brand looks forward to develop internal hiring and skill development thus providing employees, multiple exposures in new technologies and change of projects.

Unveiling the Future

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