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Node Technologies: Creating a Niche in Enterprise Mobility Space

Nandini Mukherjee
Sunday, November 23, 2014
Nandini Mukherjee
The urge to create something is universal and most evident in the entrepreneurial mind. For ages, the effort has been to fill the blanks, the lags, the needs and wants with more solutions, products and services. Technology has done its bit to make this creation process faster and easier. When in 2008 Tito Vatapillye started his career as one of the Directors, he was driving the enterprise mobility division at a mobile services company called Einstix, a company focusing on building some high end mobile applications in areas like mobile banking, payments and several others for global clients. There he saw an opportunity emerging for simpler enterprise applications in the Indian market. The Einstix board decided to spin off the division as a different company called Node to focus on sales force mobility solutions for the Indian market. This is how Node Technologies was incepted in 2010. "We wanted a name that captures the tech relevance of the product and at the same time was an example of simplicity. Node seemed like the most relevant and simplest of the choices the creative team came up with," explains Tito Vatapilly, CEO & Co- Founder, Node Technologies, about the significance behind the name of the company.

Tito exemplifies how Node Technologies, as a product company, has its focus on Sales Force Enablement for enterprises, big and small in the Indian market. Node is the only company offering the products using a unique delivery model called the 'Customer Success Model' that ensures that the client benefits from the tangible results of the software. This helps solve the big issues of adoption of Sales CRM systems and take shared responsibility of managing the solutions with the client.

Initially, like every other startup, Tito and his team faced quite a number of hurdles; the first one being the common problem of attracting people. "The best source of good candidates was referrals. So we reached out extensively to friends, family and immediate contacts to get to the right people," explains Tito. "Also, since Node was growing only on the strength of client revenues, capital was an issue. Fortunately, with the help of some innovative cost planning and an aggressive sale driven culture, we were able to overcome this," he further adds.

The Silver Lining

'Sales' is a vital function in any organization but most systems designed to help sales people don't end up working effectively. Most systems neither consider sales people at the core of the system nor have an outside-in approach to design. Node's SalesGo, a unique mobility based solution suite looks at the people in the sales-people and looks at them first. "Ours is a 'SalesPeople First Approach', which means that we focus on the sales guy on the field first. It ensures the efficiency and effectiveness of a sales process in any enterprise. It has modules likes Leads, Visits, DSR and Knowledge Hub to enable a sales person on the field to do what he does best; sell," explains Tito about the significance of their product. Today, SalesGo caters to more than 10,000 sales representatives in India across categories like Asset Management, Banking, Consumer Durables, Electric Automation, Construction, Telecom, IT hardware and others.

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