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BRIQUE: Delivering Excellence

Pankaj Kundwani
Sunday, November 23, 2014
Pankaj Kundwani
Not so long ago Jay Pagnis, a software engineer, boarded a plane for a client meeting. Seated next to him was Sandip Shrotri, Marketing & PR Head of Viraj Profiles Ltd. Soon after the chance introduction, they were engrossed in a discussion about communication challenges in enterprises and hurdles posed by them. Little did Jay know that the ensuing journey would change his life forever and that Sandip and Viraj would soon be his biggest client till date. Sandip identified a potential solution for his hurdles in the discussions. Couple of calls and meetings later, Sandip decided to officially engage him to bring forth the solution to counter the communication hurdles for Viraj. Thus, at the intersection of chance and skill, BRIQUE Technology Solutions and Consulting was born in 2011.

Though the parallel success of social networking sites supported Jay's idea of developing Enterprise Social Networking software, the real challenge was testing existing communication channels and proposing enhanced and better solutions. The proposed solution was a platform that enabled the employees to share thoughts, write blogs, view announcements & organization policies, events and photos and work on internal tools. The result was a massive influx of suggestions and discussions that led Viraj to save huge costs from second month itself. This was a huge success for both Viraj and BRIQUE. For Sandip and Jay.

While the project at Viraj ended there, Jay recognized that businesses are in dire need of unified enterprise software solutions that can reshape their business processes effectively. Determined to capitalize on this opportunity, the "highly-capable" BRIQUE team developed a world-class framework as a solution that addressed all departmental & process issues. This would enable businesses to organize and manage internal departmental processes like Sales, Marketing, Internal Collaboration and other business process flows efficiently. Comprised of BRIQUECRM (a Customer Relationship Management solutions), UMBRELLIUM (Internal Social Collaboration platform) and PROCMANAGER (Business Process Management Tool), BRIQUESUITE soon became one of the very few leading products providing a complete packaged solution to enterprises.

While BRIQUECRM stands clearly among the competition; it perfectly fits into Indian real-estate industry demographics and is tailor-made for manufacturing & service industry. PROCMANAGER enables organization to effective execute and follow-up cumbersome processes with simple addition of flowchart based executions. Unified Business Process Management ensures faster time-to-value, business-IT collaboration, reduced cost of ownership and quicker task completions. UMBRELLIUM helps organizations to keep their team size lean and focus on developing these resources, while reducing attrition to minimum.

Reaping the Benefits

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