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Eidiko Systems Integrators: Cohesive IT Infrastructure for Business Agility with SOA, Connectivity & Integration

Nandu Nandakumar
Founder & CEO-Razorthink
Friday, November 21, 2014
Nandu Nandakumar
Several enterprises have now begun to invest heavily on optimizing their unstructured data in an attempt to improve their business visibility. This is seen mostly in the organizations with complex business processes, where automation has become a prime necessity. Currently, companies with disjointed diverse applications plan to integrate to achieve intercommunication. Most of the banks across the world are in the path to integrate various applications to their core banking systems to provide day to day and value added services to their customers. With this view of helping enterprises organize their data, Eidiko Systems Integrators Pvt Ltd was founded in 2010 by a team of four seasoned professionals having over 15 years experience each with a mission to create a highly specialized group delivering unique services that are not easy to find. Today, Eidiko is an IBM Premier Business Partner and a global leader in delivering Integration, SOA and Connectivity services. "Eidiko derives its name from the Greek word 'Eidikos' meaning 'Specialists' and lives up to the name in every endeavor it takes up. We have been making huge inroads in integrating and optimizing the banking sector's IT infrastructure through diverse applications including mobile applications to seamlessly communicate with their Core Banking Systems," says Sreenivas Bandaru, CEO, Eidiko Systems Integrators Pvt Ltd.

Eidiko has established as one of the first Implementer for Integration Services leveraging IBM Integration Bus in Africa for United Bank for Africa, an international bank with operations in 19 countries in Africa and branches spread across the globe. "Eidiko has transformed the way we do banking by providing communication channels between various applications and making it possible to exchange data at real time with any enterprise system," says Akosa Onyebuchi, IT Head, United Bank for Africa.

Addressing the Challenges

In today's enterprise, where processes are often driven by data and software applications as much as by personnel, effective business process integration requires the right technology. Because of the intensive pressure to become more agile, reduce IT complexities, be more visible and provide real time data interchange; there is a huge requirement for integration specialists. In spite of realizing the potential and need for integration services, enterprises do not seek these services due to low availability, unskilled service partners and inconsistent support. Eidiko identifies the need and build their own integration specialist with deep domain knowledge and deliver the services in very short time at very nominal cost. The company advocates that the enterprises should reap the benefits of latest technical advancements such as Cloud, Analytics, Mobile and Social business to improve their customer engagements, process optimizations and productivity.

An Array of Services

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