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Volga Infotech: Providing Limitless Technologies through Well-framed Methodologies

Susila Govindaraj
Friday, November 21, 2014
Susila Govindaraj
2008 was a critical era that witnessed the dawn of iOS and Android platforms and the dusk of platforms like BREW, while J2ME was a toss-up. Many enterprises were on the fence, since they were unable to decide which framework would be most suitable to build their product. But not Volga Infotech. Predicting the market precisely and training in-house team of competent software developers on latest technologies enabled this early mover to reap the substantial advantages. As Volga is not limited in terms of technology, their exceptionally talented engineering team is highly-capable of building native, hybrid & web apps across all mobile platforms.

Volga provides end-to-end solutions including idea conceptualization, UX, core development and deployment for company of any size; from cutting-edge startups and SMBs to Fortune 100 companies. Volga's extremely rigid quality assurance process ensures that their apps are robust, scalable and implemented using universally accepted standards of development.

Crowned at the Top

Jayesh Bajaj, the founder of Volga, leverage his deep experience in delivering multimedia solutions for high-end market phones akin to Samsung, Motorola, Sanyo, Hitachi, HTC, LG and ZTE to develop efficient and effective software that keep customer's businesses one step ahead. His contribution to the first commercial release of Android platform, during his endeavors in Qualcomm � San Diego, drew him towards this industry. After returning to his motherland, his strong liking for Web and Mobile, coupled with keen business acumen had him found Volga in 2008.

Initially, the company built quiet a few in-house products across various native platforms including J2ME, Bada, Symbion, BREW and RIM; especially in the multimedia space. With the strong emergence of the Android and Apple mobile handsets, Volga started working closely with companies in the U.S. looking to port their existing apps from these primitive platforms to the iOS and Android. Everything went uphill after Volga's first contract to port a messaging application on J2ME to Android for a startup in the U.S.

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