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Kratin: Determined to Bring Positive Change in Health Space

Sumant Hebballi
Sunday, November 23, 2014
Sumant Hebballi
The Indian Healthcare sector is booming and is experiencing a phenomenal growth in multiple dimensions. According to a recent study from IBEF, Indian healthcare market size is projected to reach around $160 billion by 2017. Although the sector is going through a paradigm shift, there still exists a gap between hospital, patients and physicians. Partnering with healthcare companies, Kratin has been bridging this gap with mobility and cutting edge technologies.

Founded in 2011, Kratin's biggest asset is its experienced team that is passionate about bringing a positive change in the industry with a wide technical expertise. A prime motive of the company is to transform healthcare by connecting dots across the care continuum considering long term vision instead of deploying silos of applications. The company's primary strength being mobile and technology architecture expertise helped them ideate, design and deliver several solutions in enterprise mobility, retail, education and healthcare domain.

The focused team of technology geeks understands business and can crank quality products along with providing strategic consulting to customers. Rather than taking approach of pure service engineering or a product company, Kratin works in a unique space of mobile product innovation & design with focus on maximizing the ROI of technology investment. "We work as catalyst along with enterprise team to understand the challenges on ground, define strategy for mobile adaptation, ideate and identify solutions, review the existing implemented solutions to identify the integration opportunities among them to offer new services at optimal cost," says Satin Katiyar, Chief Architect & CEO, Kratin Software.

Unified Healthcare Experience

Realizing the impact its solutions had in the life of patients and hospital staff, Kratin decided to concentrate on healthcare sector as one of its focus area and its team started working on Unified Healthcare Experience (UHX) which is its flagship offering. UHX is an umbrella of product and services which realizes the dream of healthcare providers to have an integrated platform where all healthcare products can integrate and provides seamless experience to all stakeholders (doctors, nurses, staff and patients) anytime, anywhere.As a part of implementing UHX, Kratin defines opportunities specific to provider along with their outcomes, prioritize and implement low hanging, high outcome solutions.

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