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JAGSAR International: Strengthening Professional Careers through Advanced Skill Development Solutions

Kavitha G.
Sunday, November 23, 2014
Kavitha G.
The ability to overcome skill gap is considered as the critical bane today. 80 percent organizations indicate that their skill gap affects productivity by 41 percent, customer service by 32 percent and security by 31 percent. This circumstance has in turn led enterprises to invest more on professional skill development firms. Corporations are reported of allocating approximately 70 percent of their investment in skill building programs which cover executive development, managerial and supervisory skills, IT and systems training, interpersonal skills and orientation. To enable an effective use of such investments and to deliver concrete solutions, enterprises need a nimble career catalyst that stands apart with its highly effective IT training solutions. This need also became a bee in an IT expert's bonnet which motivated to kickoff a Hyderabad based IT Learning and Certification Organization that endeavors to succor the predicaments.

The vision of JAGSAR International came true through the IT wizard Uday Shankar, and the company now stands cornering the market with its gamut of services, delivering the best value to the IT professionals through its advanced IT training & certification programs. The brand has moved beyond the generic problems of accountability & grey market and aids the woes through rigorous pre & post assessments and personalized career guidance. Assessments at JAGSAR move beyond the mere boundaries of customers and ensure concrete real-time training processes through testing and selecting the trainers. Accredited by global education agencies and key governing bodies, the company endeavors to enable both short term and long-term skill enhancement of corporate employees through regular 360� assessment processes.

Even though virtual training offers comfortable training models, it is also considered as non-interactive medium. To annihilate this assumption, JAGSAR crafted out most advanced virtual learning platform named J-Connect Platform that bridges the gap between trainers and trainees and make interactions easy by facilitating communication through voice, video, chat, questions, presentations, board and other efficient modems. As a training partner for Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies, JAGSAR offers authorized & value added services such as collaborative e-Leaning, IT proficiency development programs, trainings and certification courses that are also underlined by their quality-driven and cost-effective facets.

As a pioneer in the skill development realm, JAGSAR provides diverse and managed skill advancement portfolio & highly experienced and certified Knowledge Transfer Expert (KTE) across a global clientele. With its focus on customers, the brand outlays an ideal pathway that takes care of the customer's needs which has in turn made them to annex 98.64 percent of rating as feedback. "From the 1st enquiry call to the feedback of training, we make sure that the customer is happy. We tell customers to come with a fresh mind to learn and we will take care of the rest," says Uday Shankar, Founder & CEO, JAGSAR International. Living up to the customer's time and commitment, JAGSAR provides vast modes of delivery conduits such as classroom and virtual e-Learning over flexible time slots, while also emphasizing on-time deliveries. While the company utilizes a right mix of people, content, tools and purpose to make learning more appealing, it also uses contests, stories and gaming elements like badges to encourage people to fully experience the social tools and voice their opinions on the potential of the technology.

The Happy-Employees-Happy-Business Strategy

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