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NashWall Cyber Surakshaa: Virus-Proofing the PC Industry through Robust Security Solutions

Kavitha G.
Sunday, November 23, 2014
Kavitha G.
Antivirus is dead! Yes, you heard it right. There has been a paradigm shift in IT security industry, with increase in storage of critical information by non-technical users. The Anti-Virus Industry is unable to cope with thousands of new malware released every day by Cyber Criminals (including Intelligence Agencies). The new age viruses have out grown innovation done by anti-virus industry that depends on Signature scanning technology to detect Viruses. Studies proclaim that the anti-virus industry which was witnessing a growth of around 15percent to 17 percent for the last couple of years has dramatically slowed down to 10 percent to 12 percent this year. The failure to detect new viruses has resulted in rampant proliferation of threats not only from the World Wide Web, but also by pen-drives used in multiple computers.

When a leading photo development company which has branches across multiple cities confronted with the challenge of copying data from infected pen-drives of their customers, without infecting the PC, they couldn't depend on anti-virus Scanners as they also are winged with the same drawbacks of reducing the system's momentum. Instead, virus-proofing specialists NashWall Cyber Surakshaa helped them to get their security woes treated and fixed. Branded as the world's first virus-proofer, NashWall Cyber Surakshaa, provides its standard security frameworks that not only keeps the PC industry safe and sound, but also drives the computers to run uninterrupted.

Founded by Narendra Kumar, developer of India's First Anti-Virus Software, Nashot and an industry veteran with over 25 years of experience, NashWall Cyber Surakshaa is known for its Virus-Proofer NashWall that protects computers from both known and unknown threats. Firmly stood on the concept 'closed doors are safer than security scans', NashWall mainly focus on preventing Installation or Modification of Applications, thus killing the source that serves as the womb for viruses to get replicated, thus helping the systems run smoothly without any hitch of being infected. As a firewall for processes and file systems, NashWall is engineered to provide comprehensive security solutions that cover the computing industry from all the angles over the strong client base which ranges from small organizations to political space and defense space.

The Defy

It is indeed true that branding is not about becoming the one of the solution providers; rather it is about getting the prospects to see the company or the product as the one and only thing that treats customer's pain points. This was no different in the case of NashWall. Making the people to choose virus-proofing technology over other typical anti-virus software was a major task. But with new user-friendly initiatives and innovations, the company now stands an ideal brand that has leveraged many clients to reach their echelon of success safely. The renewal of subscription of the virus-proofing applications by its clientele attests the success of the brand as a virus-proofer. The product not only focuses on on-line threats, but also sheds its light upon off-line threats such as pen-drives and safeguarding the rural space, where being online always is hardly possible. "The hackers might use any ways to hack, but unless they install a back-door, they cannot get command on the system. NashWall, as a cyber-security product, does not allow you to write a backdoor file and thus it even protects against hackers controlling the systems. With our NashWall, pen-drives can be used even if they are infected," says Naren Kumar, Founder & CEO, NashWall Cyber Surakshaa.

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