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BSL Information Technology: Harnessing Technology Up Front

Nandini Mukherjee
Sunday, November 23, 2014
Nandini Mukherjee
Good seeds sprout in good ground. Similarly, business also needs a good start that can be provided by professional IT software development. Organizations today have a choice, they can choose an offshore software development partner which can give them valuable, qualified and cost effective solutions adapted to various needs as well as offer standardized software outsourcing services. Five years ago when Praveen Joshi and Danny Bird were running RSK BSL in the UK, they had a plan to expand the software development business there. Recession led them to face difficulties to have cost efficient software product development. This was the time when they decided to set up a business over in India and launch a new company with the prime focus being software development."We started with 4 people back in 2009 and from 4 people now we have grown to 40+ in India. Currently we are working with various domains from mobile application development to web development to software design and application development," explains Praveen Joshi, Managing Director, BSL-i about the inception of the company.

Praveen completed his initial education in India and his Masters in Electronic Commerce from London, explains how he runs the business in conjunction with Danny Bird who is the Operational Director and looks after overall management of business. He further explains how initially they thought to offer onshore product development to the customers and develop an idea about the product. "Software products do not just need the coders; they also require a consultancy approach whereby we can guide the client towards best approach for their product". "Majority of our client base is in UK and USA and we continue to grow the business in other global locations with some of the new set of work coming from Australia and New Zealand", he adds. Some of the products they have developed are in the field of CRM, Risk Management, Geographical Information System (GIS) and Project Management System along with several others.

The Expertise

In the current scenario, organizations strive to maximize business values through innovative use of technology and produce differentiators that can add an edge to business and further their success in a market dominated by competition. BSL Information Technology successfully presents itself as a reliable offshore development partner committed to provide quality, cost-effective, competent, and value-added solutions. BSL works in a wide range of domains starting from 'Offshore Product development' to bespoke web development, mobile application development and application support/development. The company has experience of working in Supply Chain, Customer Relationship software, Risk Management software, Project Management and e-Commerce field. BSL also operates as a consultancy. "Since some of the senior people in BSL come from consultancy background, we have managed to provide consultancy service to our clients. We have a team of people experienced in product development and also take care of the sales and marketing of the product as well. It's about providing the customers an overall consultancy in terms of how the product fixes into their domain," he adds.

Sky is not the Limit

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