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Ta3s: Providing Niche Value Added Automation Testing with Consultative Outcome-based Approach

Susila Govindaraj
Sunday, November 23, 2014
Susila Govindaraj
Solution led services approach with clear understanding of customer vision and measurable outcome. The recent portal crash of a major e-tailer showcases today's organizations' inability to scale-up to customer's needs. Organizations remain unequipped to the torrents of customers surging towards technology, as they are uncertain about the boundaries of their infrastructure and applications; irrespective of their partnership with large software developing & testing corporations. Instead of delivering a consultative outcome-based solution, these corporations just build their entire test automation strategy on available industry standard framework that needs to be changed after 2 years or worse, fails.

Amidst other companies that just throw more task-based people at customer's issues, Ta3s (Test automation as a service), a test automation company, lays strong foundation with their Unique Fitment Proposition approach by building a framework that fits properly to customers pain points; thus assuring RoIs for their test automation from first year onwards. Automated expansion of Ta3s' cloud infrastructure accommodates spiked loads to guarantee 100 percent uptime of applications. "We provide niche value added automation testing that clarifies defect deduction, defect trend ratio and product quality, which most customers seek," says Sumukha Rao, CEO, Ta3s.

During market's paradigm shift from manual testing to automation testing, Sumukha got an opportunity to commence the testing division for SAP and Siemens. Impressed with his expertise, SAP offered him a chance to instigate a testing services company, which he forewent to learn the processes thoroughly to bring his dream of starting an automation testing company into reality. While his achievements and presidential club membership bestowed him with several contacts, his other endeavours taught him about mergers and acquisitions. With the confidence gained from tremendous knowledge over two decades of work experience, Sumukha embarked on the entrepreneurial opportunity and founded Ta3s in 2013. Establishing partnership with like-minded organizations including Arowana, SourceN, Helius Consulting, SnapDeal and others, which enabled Ta3s to set its footprint across the globe with limited budget whilst serving global customers.

Ta3s' vividness enabled the company with no sales team to attain several apex customers in a short span of 18 months through word-of-mouth publicity and social media marketing. Ta3s not only leverages its partnership to provide infrastructure for mobile, desktop and web applications, but also latch onto other cloud vendor's infrastructure to provide Ta3s' platform for need-based execution for companies who don't have their own infrastructure or the fund to build one.

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