We Need To Put Our Foot Out

Anamika Sahu
Monday, November 24, 2014
Anamika Sahu
'Two roads diverged in a wood and I - I took the one less travelled by, and that has made all the difference' ~ said Robert Frost.

This probably suffices the mindset of those who come of the herd to chase their dreams and start a company to not only make a difference for themselves but also to bring the difference in the lives of several others. Though each year we try to produce around 85 million new businesses, few survive while several fail. But the adrenaline rush to make the difference never evaporates from these exceptional breed. To salute this spirit of the startup entrepreneurs, we dedicate this issue to some of them who has been the element of change in their respective verticals.

We bring to you 'Startup of the Year - 2014', where we have tried to bring out the entrepreneur's struggle to start his company, his passion and compassion, his journey to become an entrepreneur, his opportunities & misfortune and his fight to turn the odd even, his future plans for the organization and so on. Elbowing out the negatives, these startups are performing tremendously superlative and making the customer's hearten. Their success stories have created a positive vibe within the industry and are inspiring would-be-entrepreneurs to create new success stories.

However, around 80 percent of the startups don't see the dawn for days. It's true that some startups don't die natural death. Lack of industry knowledge, too much of hurry to enter the market without a proper product/solution or a strategy, lack of fund and funding from external sources lead to closure of most of the startups. This pushes India years back and recently Chu Kee Lock, Group President and CEO of Vertex Venture Holdings, threw light on a much scary truth that India is about 10 years behind China when it comes to the ecosystem for startup companies.

I think we all need to think about these elements especially when some of the startups are doing tremendously good enough to be acquired by industry giants years within their inception. We, including government and big corporates, need to put our foot out and help the ecosystem nurture to bring the most out of it. Who knows, this might even stop the brain drain. And with the recent government taking initiatives, time doesn't seem too far when we will surpass several of our peers in the startup ecosystem to create new history.

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