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Perpetuuiti: Enabling Organizations Maintain Resilient IT Environments

Susila Govindaraj
Friday, November 21, 2014
Susila Govindaraj
The ever-rising complexity of devices, network and systems, bewilder organizations with complex business problems including frequent data loss, service interruption and IT infrastructure disruption; resulting in revenue loss, reduced productivity and customer dissatisfaction. They even lead to systemic failures that affect the ability to operate, highlighting the crucial need for efficient Business Continuity Planning and Recovery Assurance (BCP/ IT) solutions. Having People, Processes and Technology as the three pillars of success, Perpetuuiti Technosoft Services, an Enterprise Software Company prepares customers to deal with any catastrophe with minimal loss of time, efficiency and costs by ensuring real-time visibility of disruption even during Silent Disaster or IT Disruption. Perpetuuiti helps reducing 60 percent cost for Disaster Recovery (DR) by preventing unnecessary investments and user-friendly automated recovery processes accessible on mobile devices.
Amidst other companies providing piece meal solutions with zero integration to one another and working in silos, Perpetuuiti Technosoft Services enables organizations to have real-time holistic view of BCP/Recovery and operations from single dashboard for the impact of disruption and remediation. With high-end adaptability to every technology environment, Perpetuuiti provides such comprehensive solution with visibility & integration, people orchestration, process and technology on single platform.

Perpetuuiti was founded in 2011 by Rohil Sharma. Rohil's strategic priorities including accelerating growth of innovative products, delivering exceptional service & value to customers and vivid financial focus enabled him to successfully raise Angel and VC investments. Initially, he grappled with long-selling cycles, sustainability due to limited funds and hiring experienced resources with domain expertise. However, they all faded away as Perpettuiti earned customer's confidence through multiple rounds of demos and PoC cycles, defining & re-defining Go-To-market strategy and adjusting product's scope & features to match market trends & technology innovation. While backing of his family and friends during stressful stages boosted him with positive energy, his team of data center software & BCP/Recovery focused professionals empowered Perpetuuiti to quickly establish itself as a disruptive technology innovation leader.

Offering the Best

When Perpetuuiti built robust and reliable IT recovery monitoring, management and automation solution for Vodafone that surpassed their expectations, the happy client recommended Continuity Patrol- (a flagship product of Perpetuuiti) to its global IT team as a DR automation best practice adopted by the client's India arm. The preventive, pro-active and predictive company offers cloud-based, on-premise, DRaaS (DR as a Service) and RaaS (Recovery as a Service) solutions ensuring customer's investments are future proof.
While Continuity Patrol- enables real-time enterprise visibility in single-click for business service availability assurance, orchestration and automation, Continuity Vaultl- automates organizational BCM practices, response and resolution identification through mobility. Ops-Central- is a comprehensive platform for IT workload and business process automation for both CLI and UI-based applications. Perpetuuiti's Hybrid File and Block-based Replicator for both physical/virtual environments enable customers to have anywhere, anytime consistent copies of data which can be used for hassle-free technology refresh or quick roll-back in less than a second. Physical-Virtual, Virtual-Virtual, On-premise-Cloud Migrations, Across Cloud Migrations are some of the key features of this solution.
Having close knit team-oriented workplace and open & exciting work culture, Perpetuuiti motivates their people by investing in employee growth and development. The company also provides competitive compensation and benefits as well as ESOP to include them in Perpetuuiti's Growth. "The vision set for our team is to build an Enterprise that focuses on constant innovation to deliver best Disruptive Technology products, to empower customers remain always business resilient, to give best work environment for our teams, to create value through partners to reach customers across globe and to bring a collaborative approach in all our interactions," says Rohil Sharma, CEO, Perpetuuiti Technosoft Services.

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Reader's comments(1)
1:Correct your report Susila... Perpetuuiti was founded by Sundar Raman and Rohil Sharma.
Posted by: Smita Sharma - 27th Nov 2014
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