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Red Rock: Infusing Domain and Operational Expertise with Experience

Sumant Hebballi
Sunday, November 23, 2014
Sumant Hebballi
The Human Resource Consulting nowadays has witnessed a considerable increase in the number of small new comers with little or no experience. As a consequence,many of these new comers severely underperform with clients wasting their time and other resources with no fruits. Thus, it becomes very difficult to convince and get new clients on board who has already experienced fruitless expenses without an out-of-the-box offerings. But with quality deliverables & efficiency with a high quality output makes a two-year old startup stand much ahead in this realm. Founded in December 2012, Red Rock has branded itself as one of the most trusted Human Resource Consulting Firms.

The team of Red Rock is a handful of young and enthusiastic, experienced and successful professionals who understand Human Resources as a core function. "Finding the right set of talent formiddle and senior management laterals specifically in IT/ITeS, Analytics, Banking, Hospitality, Market Research & Product Testing in terms of Skill, IQ & EQ are amongst the most challenging positions nowadays as the market demands the best quality hire that too with a very efficient sourcing practice in place. Though we don't usually take fresh assignments for junior level hiring but I hate saying 'NO' to my current clients if they come to us for junior or fresher positions, I know they are counting on us for their growth and this trust that they show in Red Rock by counting on us is reason enough for us to take the assignment and make them aspire HIGH..!!" says Ranjit Singh Bhutani, MD & CEO of Red Rock. "We aim for excellence in everything we do. From the way we run our business to our client servicing, we truly believe that good enough is merely a starting point," explains Ranjit. Its belief in the flat world and execution excellence is what differentiates it from the rest, setting it apart from its competitors.

"We also set the right expectations with the client. At times while acquiring a client HR's question me whether I can close a position for them in just 3-5 sourced CV's or make it a closure within 5 CV's or free deal. I don't mind closing a position for free to oblige a client after all the contractual paperwork is through, its not just the revenue we earn out of it but also a trust and good reputation. Unlike many other players just to bring the client on board we do not set unreasonable expectations of the client by committing a closure of any position in lets say 3CV's or 5CV's. Probably other HR consulting firms can achieve this, but we can't. We don't do shoddy work neither do we adopt cut short methodologies, we're experts at what we do and we try to close the position in as less number of sourced CV's as we can to reduce the workload at the client and we remain within the committed time frame. If a position is really on fire, we can't dedicate more resources to it and time to it andadvertise more about it but no reason is reason enough for us to break that invaluable Trust or hamper our reputation with a client." says Ranjit.

Red Rockdiscovers the right candidate through its resources, conducts a couple of rounds at their end forscreening which might be over a telecon, Skype, Facetime or a Face- to Face. It then filters the candidates and picks the deserving onesfor the interview. The company also ensures confidentiality, accuracy, quick response time, fewer administrative tasks for the client's firm.

Normally, 90 percent of the companies in this HR Services industry don't end up their financial year in profits. But Red Rock's work culture and its approach have helped register a profit by the end of first yearitself. "Though profit amount was not a huge sum, it spoke a lot about our work that we had delivered and bring motivation to the team for the milestones yet to be covered, and was a great motivation," says Ranjit. In its first year, the company has placed closed to 450+ professionals with less than 5 percent attrition rate. However, sometimes just the portal or own database is not enough to find the suitable candidates or even walking an extra mile does not work. "At times, we have to walk 10 extra miles without leaving any stone unturned, use references, social media, advertisements and others to discover the candidate. The problem is to do all of these keeping the costs in mind as the payout from the client for the closure shall not change mid way during an assignment and neither can we ask them to do so," explains Ranjit.

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