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Eye and Buy: Delivering Futuristic e-Commerce Solutions

Nandini Mukherjee
Sunday, November 23, 2014
Nandini Mukherjee
It is hard to deny that a web shop greatly differs from a traditional offline store. While shopping online, internet users have full access to a comprehensive range of products and services being able to choose and order the desired item from the comfort of own home. Although e-Commerce offers a cost-effective way for quick growth of any business, having something to sell is not enough for the ultimate online success. A crucial step is to build a professional-looking web store where you can present your products or services. The solution is to simply find a one-stop stable e-Commerce platform that allows selling and executing online transactions with no hassles. Eye and Buy is one such e-Commerce solutions platform that helps accessing all the orders across multiple websites on just one screen. With a few clicks, the vendors can now sell on many more online and offline stores.

With Eye and Buy, a retailer can look at the online business without adding any resources. Once the retailer sends the products to Eye and Buy, the product cataloging happens first as per the different online platforms' standards. The products are then uploaded and listed on all platforms. Once they receive orders, an aggregated order feed will be generated and inventory will be updated across all platforms accordingly. Eye and Buy will also take care of 3rd party warehousing and payment reconciliations with the platforms. The retailer can simply focus on manufacturing/sourcing and leave everything else to Eye and Buy.

Incepted in 2012, Eye & Buy is an e-Commerce solutions provider where in they design, develop and deliver beautiful user-centric e-Commerce solutions for different businesses. "We started with a simple well defined mission i.e., to enable small and medium businesses to tap into the limitless capabilities of the internet as a tool to attract, engage and convert a wide target audience into loyal customers by empowering them with robust e-Commerce solutions tailor-made for their business. Today, we have virtually mastered in providing the solutions and created a niche in the market place," explains Parkal Suhas Kamath, Co-Founder, Eye and Buy Retail Pvt Ltd.

When any product is sold on multiple e-Commerce websites like Amazon or e-Bay, retailers eventually end up hopping from one site to another to manage the orders. This undoubtedly consumes time but leads to errors while processing the orders, leaving a bad impression on the customers. The Eye and Buy method of selling online not only saves from the complexities involved, but also maximize the retailer's efficiency and productivity. "Using our 'single-interface multi-purpose' system, the retailers can have a complete control on the way they transact online," adds Parkal. Whether it is inventory management or order procurement, the power to seamlessly integrate various channels on which they sell will only prove beneficial for their business.

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