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PROGNEUR: Swift Execution & High-quality Services from Seasoned Professionals

Susila Govindaraj
Monday, November 24, 2014
Susila Govindaraj
Despite the ever-evolving verification methodologies & technologies, and invention of new flows, verification execution still remains as management's primary pain area. This is further complicated with tardiness in execution. While small companies fail to deliver high-quality solutions due to the absence of veteran talents and expertise, larger organizations take months to instigate the actual work, since their size makes the processes humungous. PROGNEUR, a mid-range PLM, Embedded & VLSI Company, stands apart as a partner that is large enough to be scalable but small enough to be flexible to meet client's project needs and business demands. The company has succeeded even against larger organizations by attracting several highly-experienced consultants who deliver quintessential yet cost-effective business many fold faster than larger organizations. Even for on-shore projects that require visa processing, PROGNEUR provides seasoned professionals with right skill set to initialize the work on customer's premises within a month.

Dizzying Array of Services
Having a skilled workforce that is abreast with cutting-edge technologies and proficient with various EDA tools, PROGNEUR provides paramount VLSI design and verification services and solutions in complex front-end ASIC, SoC and FPGA. PROGNEUR also provides a dizzying array of PLM offerings that cover entire implementation cycle from management on-boarding through solution deployment to help leverage customer's PLM investment. Having vast experience in Linux, Android, Windows XP/Vista/7/8, WinCE5.0/6.0 and XP-Embedded on variety of architectures such as X86, ARM and Renesas' SH; PROGNEUR also offers a wide range of design, development and support services for Embedded Systems.

Rapid Emergence into Strong Player
Founded in 2008 as a web development company, PROGNEUR transformed into PLM, Embedded & VLSI company last year with Arun Satija as its Managing Director. Arun has good insight of technology industry with strong PLM implementation background in sales focused environment. He has been spearheading PROGNEUR to attain huge growth in revenue as well as customer and employee acquisition every quarter ever since. In a short span, PROGNEUR has emerged as a strong player with their adept consultants working in various large global product organizations in Indian and European countries. PROGNEUR's innovative and brave solutions based on profound industry expertise, wide technology bandwidth and key marketing strategies enabled the company started out as a small team to evolve into an organization that is driven by formal business development structures.

Highly Paid Happy Employees
PROGNEUR strongly believes that companies can innovate and deliver outstanding service only if they tap the commitment, energy and imagination of their employees. Hence, PROGNEUR reward their employees with 20 percent more salary, as compared to competition. These happy employees inturn strengthen the company to deliver in time with quality. The company with open work culture and flat hierarchy encourage their people to work-from-home to spare them the stress in Indian city's jammed roads, while endowing on-site opportunity to consultants who work with clients. This enriched PROGNEUR's employee portfolio with 20 senior consultants, who have joined them from large MNCs. "As the global economy is improving, we foresee enormous scope. If we keep growing at this pace, we would be tripling our revenue every quarter till the end of FY-2015," says Arun.

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