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The Era of Connected Machines

By Satish Jadhav, Country Manager & IoT Lead – Embedded Business, Intel South Asia
Monday, November 24, 2014
By Satish Jadhav, Country Manager & IoT Lead – Embedded Business, Intel South Asia
Headquartered in Santa Clara, Intel (INTC) is a semiconductor chip maker. The current market cap of the company is $166.45 billion.

The Internet of Things (IoT) technologies are dramatically changing the way computing is being woven into our everyday lives: from automotive, healthcare, and retail to manufacturing, IOT, wearables, and more. The Internet of Things is creating a world with endless possibilities. The Internet of Things, sometimes referred to as the Industrial Internet of Things, the Internet of Everything (IoE), or Industry 4.0 is defined as "devices that are connecting to the internet, integrating greater compute capabilities, and using data analytics to extract valuable information which helps to make meaningful decision.

The internet of things is one that accelerates the development and deployment of the Internet for industrial applications, autonomous driving, Smart Cities, and more, but should create sustainable economic development, high quality of life and improving efficiency.

Solutions enabled with the backbone of IoT with emphasis on enabling complete end-to-end solution while keeping in mind connectivity, manageability & security as the most important drivers. The approach has been enabling gateway solutions & integrating them with the backbone ICT infrastructure while adding intelligence & using the extracted data to arrive at meaningful decision making capability in a secure environment.

Through exciting innovations in IoT, we can enable the possibility for cars that recognize their drivers, supermarket displays that help plan dinner menus, baby clothing that delivers real-time information about your child, and devices that automate energy and water use for optimal savings.

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