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Mobikon Asia: Every Step towards Becoming Salesforce.com for Restaurants

Susila Govindaraj
Friday, November 21, 2014
Susila Govindaraj
The younger population's exposure to diverse cuisines and their enhanced earning levels are placing the already huge Food & Beverages market on steroids, making it a hot target for technology providers. Most providers pursue just the low-hanging fruits by making apps focused on reservations, orders, listing and reviews. Not Mobikon Asia, a swiftly expanding customer engagement, marketing and analytics provider headquartered in Singapore. Mobikon's cloud platform acts as a one-stop-shop that bestows restaurants with a single dashboard to engage customers across mobile, social, web and inStore.

Registering with Mobikon's platform augments productivity and service efficiency, as the company enable restaurants to sell online, manage tables, engage inStore, payments and manage loyalty programs more effectively. Mobikon's user-friendly cloud platform allows restaurants to start using inStore feedback in less than 3 days.

Restaurants can also leverage Mobikon's partnership with industry leaders across the world including Times city, Taggo and leading POS companies and integrate with them. As a cherry on the top, Mobikon increases the ROI radically with its meticulously detailed analytics and customer behaviour trends for targeted campaigns.

Growing rapidly, today the nature and magnitude of Mobikon's challenges have evolved into scaling product platform, expanding into new geographies and hiring right talent. Having profound expertise in hospitality vertical, Mobikon understands that restaurants are operationally complex and need simple solutions to start with. This policy enabled Mobikon to contract 1000 outlets across 4 countries and power more reviews per restaurant than any leading review sites. So far, Mobikon has powered over 900,000+ reviews and helped restaurants to engage over 2 Million dinners.

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