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Abzooba: Fostering the Best Talents through Ground-breaking Analytics Products & Programs

Susila Govindaraj
Sunday, November 23, 2014
Susila Govindaraj
Vivek Vipul had a thought experiment: 'What would the world be like if one did not need to search for information?' He came across an article mentioning that proliferation of social media is bringing upon huge volumes of unusable but valuable information in unstructured text format. At the intersection of these two thoughts, Abzooba was born in 2009 with a vision to leverage its analytical expertise to successfully unlock such valuable information in text and harness it to create a new ocean. Having a team with 15+ years of experience in Advanced Analytics boosted Abzooba to develop technology and business in Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics.

Many potential investors hesitated to fund Abzooba's initial round, as they misinterpreted it as R&D project, due to the nascence of the concept. Hence, the company took the friends and family route. Providing services in advanced analytics aided the company in revenue generation, which was pumped right back into XPRESSO, a text analytics engine. As their services were getting lot of traction, Abzooba also started building data science services.

Abzooba's solutions for fraud prediction with matching algorithms and predicting credit worthiness of SMBs by using social data have helped several banks and financial institutions. For instance, Abzooba helped a major grocery retailer to achieve over 300 percent increase in the redemption of their coupons cost. Abzooba's personal network brought them many clients initially. Their very strong relationship with UST Global, a premier IT services company & an Abzooba stake holder, enabled Abzooba to acquire clients from major Fortune 500 companies. Since the company is growing faster and getting deeper into both Analytics Services and development of XPRESSO, they are keen on effectively managing growth without getting crushed under their own weight.

Abzoobian Prodigies

Whilst today's driven employees are willing to go the extra mile to quench their thirst for learning and innovation, not all are fortunate enough to get hold of a work environment where they cannot just learn but explore and innovate as well with complete ease and freedom. Abzooba Inc., precisely provides this to their ambitious data scientists by helping them to multiply their skill with pragmatic learning programs. Instead of blindly following their peers' tedious work in other dreary organisations, Abzooba encourages their employees to be them for themselves at work place.

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