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Kranti Tech Services: Creating Tangible Values to Customers through Complete Product Development Suite

Kavitha G.
Friday, November 21, 2014
Kavitha G.
For a long time, India had been valued as one of the software services centric destinations of the world. But today, the dramatic shift in the software product eco-system has led the country to bring the technology-centric entrepreneurship under limelight, thus positioning the country as an innovator in the present IT domain. However, with the accelerating growth of software products, there still exists a scarcity of India' branded companies that provide comprehensive product life cycle services from architecture, design, development and integration to implementation and support. This is where Kranti Tech Services Pvt. Ltd., a Noida headquartered Software Development Services Company comes into the picture with its complete suite of end-to-end software life cycle development that has set the wheels in motion since its inception in 2010.

Kranti Tech Services is a brainchild of a team of high-profiled software engineers, who together brainstormed to create a one-stop-shop solution for the generic woes in the product development domain and the company now stands as one among the fastest growing software development companies in the industry. The key solutions include product ideation & Proof of Concepts, Technology Platform & Framework Consultancy, Development Process Setup, Technical Team Provisioning & Augmentation, and Product Maintenance & Support Services. As a Microsoft Silver Certified Partner and an Oracle Gold Certified partner, Kranti Tech endeavors to stand ahead of the technology curve by laying out an advanced and eminent technology footing to every service it crafts out. The synergy between the off-shore technical crew and the onsite product engineers & stake holders not only upholds the unique strategy of the product development process at Kranti Tech, but also leads to a short turnaround time and time to market.

Kranti Tech Services is highly acknowledged for its in-house product, Djubo.com, a cloud based 360 degrees sales platform for hotels and similar property rental businesses. Furthermore, the company is also branded for developing turn-key projects and products for well-known companies. Mybazinga is one such innovation which is serving as a collaborated cloud-based platform for a condominium and it has also become a launching ground for a Canada based start-up. The company has also rendered automation, development and maintenance support to many notable companies such as Kingdom of Dreams, an entertainment and leisure destination, CSAV, one of the largest North American shipping company and Servitium, an eLearning & technology company.

Apart from Product Development Services, Kranti has also earned a name in the domain of bespoke software application development. With highly proficient team on Agile methodologies, the company adopts latest tools and frameworks for executing such projects with finesse. "The main challenge in Bespoke Software Development is to build solutions according to the needs of the client who has a very clear picture of what he needs. As an end-to-end Bespoke Software Development services provider, we understand clients' requirement, frame the requirements in the form of documents and diagrams, propose a solution & the architecture of the post solution, and we then go and develop that solution," affirms Gaurav Kumar, Co-Founder & CEO, Kranti Tech Services Pvt. Ltd. Besides, this NASSCOM member also offers a portfolio which wraps up services ranging from developments of digital & mobile apps to software product development uniquely.

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