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Technovert Solutions: Leveraging the Platform of Microsoft Solution

Nandini Mukherjee
Sunday, November 23, 2014
Nandini Mukherjee
The traditional services industry in India has grown exponentially by executing non-core and back-office maintenance work for the customers while the core design and creative aspects of the applications are still drafted in the US. When Vijay Yalamanchili, along with other members, was planning to start their entrepreneurial journey, they wanted to build an innovation center that can design and deliver large scale architectures with user centric designs. The idea was to build and develop world class products and solutions that blended technology and user experience. Thus, Technovert Solutions came into being in 2012 as a services engine to foster product development. Today, the company ideates, design and deliver products to the customers that are scalable and usable. "Our product division focuses on building ready to use cloud based SaaS products targeted for medium to large enterprises. We are unique in our approach and we blend our technical excellence with intuitive user interfaces creating awesome digital experiences," says Vijay about the inception and the current workflow of the company.

Vijay describes how evolving trends in the cloud have had an effect on the customers and their way of work. "In the past, customers had concerns about security of their data in the cloud and they were not ready to relinquish the control they had with the hardware. Cloud infrastructure has since then evolved to mitigate these concerns with the evolution of private cloud infrastructure and many enterprises are looking to embrace cloud," he explains. The rise of Cloud has also resulted in zillions of SaaS application making it synonymous with cloud now. Enterprises are now using more and more SaaS subscriptions saving on huge upfront license costs. "This is a good sign that SaaS is replacing the traditional software but at the same time it is resulting in evolution of SaaS silos. This is where we see an opportunity for Technovert," he adds.At present, the company is actively working on Cloud solutions that lay bridges and integration points between these silos. Their next generation cloud products provide these integrations.

Vijay recounts how despite bootstrapping, without any investment and purely relying on referral based revenue, Technovert solutions grew pretty fast in the initial years. Initially, they faced the difficulty of finding the right talent that can fit their job environment. Also, at that time, they had to focus more on business as well as training itsdevelopers on fundamentals. "It is tougher in our case since we lookfor professionals who can wear multiple hats and are agile enough to take on any technical challenge. We look for full-stack development skill which is a rarity in the job market. We resorted to building this talent ourselves by training fresh graduates the way we wanted and we are glad we made the move," explains Vijay. "Luckily, we have some awesome techies like Chandermani and Praveen who helped us build the next level of talent. Today, our employees are the greatest asset and everything we got," adds Vijay.Technovert has been on a rapid growth trajectory as a neo services company with a deep focus on products. Walking the fine rope balancing services and products is the biggest challenge that the company faces now. "The challenge gets bigger as we have to invest and compete on multiple fronts in the market - our services as well as products competition. However, we carefully align our product strategy to reinforce and augment our services division," says Vijay.

The Expertise

What makes Technovert stand out in the crowd is their strong User Experience and architecture focus. Being a services and product company, Technovert offers technology services to its clients. They offer Product Development, SharePoint, BI, Cloud and automation solutions to business from various industries. Also, the company's product Xtranet, a cloud based SaaS product that integrated with multiple platforms such as SalesForce, SharePoint and SAP leads to services opportunities with new customers. Xtranet provides instant extranet for enterprises to communicate and collaborate with their vendors, suppliers, distributors or any other external community that is core to their business. "We are investing heavily in developing further ready to use integrations with even more platforms and see great opportunities ahead," he says.

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