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CropIn Technology: Unraveling a Smarter and Safer Agri-Tech Network

Kavitha G.
Sunday, November 23, 2014
Kavitha G.
Recently, the state of Andhra Pradesh recorded a death count of 3000 farmers who answered their final summons owing to the debt trap, drought and crop failure. Andhra Pradesh is just a mere prototype, but the larger picture unfolds a huge statistics. With these historically unprecedented events hitting epidemic proportions, Indian agriculture sector is turning to present-day models to retaliate the largest working group of the country.

Enterprises consider that the key to aid these catastrophic disasters lies in injecting ICT into Agriculture realm, thus strengthening the sector. It was not long back when a business expert and tech-savvy engineer Krishna Kumar realized this potential. The current adversities not only made him to feel dreadful, but also fueled him to leave his cushy job at a branded corporate to bootstrap a start-up called CropIn Technology which now stands as a leading platform for inter-connecting Agri businesses with the technology and expertise while enabling a smarter and safer food supply for consumers around the world. "The idea was to do something for a sector that desperately needs technology. We wanted to bring affordable state of the art technology in agriculture with vision to transform every farm into CropInSmartFarm, ensuring prosperity to farmers across the globe through Zero Crop Loss and Higher Productivity," says Krishna Kumar Founder & CEO, CropIn Technology.

CropIn Technology was incepted in 2010 by Krishna along with Kunal Prasad as a new innovation that was designed to digitize agriculture. By knitting a network of ERP and Business Intelligence around agricultural domain, this strategic partner endeavors to work as a close-knit team with different value chain participants of the supply chain, supporting them to supervise farm produce status more closely. As a robust service provider, the company offers an in-built traceability system which does not only help in tracking the farm produce and consignment status in a real time basis and qualitative approach, but also revamps the farm into a certified-compliant-traceable pattern, thus elevating them to meet global market requirements.

CropIn believes that mobility and real time decision making capabilities play a critical role in breaking the back of the beast that is hindering the growth of the sector. Backed with rich analytics, the technology at CropIn also allows extensive farm data collection. With a theme Digitize-Share-Collaborate, the company processes cloud and mobile-based mechanism which simplify and assist in bridging complex operational challenges in farm management, thus allowing companies to connect with all their farms to provide mobility to their farms.

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