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Axionet Business Solutions: The Dedicated and Reliable IT Partner for your Enterprise Deadlocks

Kavitha G.
Monday, November 24, 2014
Kavitha G.
While the hyper-connected era has transformed the way businesses function, it has also led to an increase in the expectations of customers. Torn between IT expectations and requirements, enterprises associate with multiple vendors to address business needs such as Business Intelligence, e-Business and ERP, making IT a costly domain. There could still be loopholes in the solutions provided, resulting in the businesses losing their financial stability. Such irritants have strongly increased the need for the companies to partner with players who not only offer diversified innovative business solutions under one roof, but also address the unsolved issues accurately. This became a driving force for Christophe Pellier, an IT professional with a strong track record in the IT industry, to jump out of the comfort zone at Nestle and kick-start Axionet Business Solutions, which now stands out as a preferred IT Solution provider amongst the horde.

Incorporated in Switzerland, the 2009-born Axionet lives up to its tagline -Beyond Swiss Quality- in its every service. With remarkable ability to deliver on commitments to customers, the company dives deep into the roots of every challenge by collaborating with clients to improve their businesses through its multiple solutions. The applications crafted at Axionet go through a robust design and testing process, thus enabling a reliable business model to reckon with. With its off-shore development centre in India, the brand provides a portfolio of business-oriented services that cover Business Intelligence, e-Business, ERP, CRM and Enterprise Mobility to its high-profiled clientele. In addition, Axionet is highly acknowledged for its web solutions, application management and technical consulting. These add more value to its exemplary prowess.

Overcoming Teething Problems

Although Axionet suffered from persistent staffing challenges in its initial days, it soon popped out of the tough phase by developing an Indian talent pool, thanks to a determined work culture. Simultaneously, creating a sales force team to deliver capabilities was a challenge at the beginning, but all sales and marketing efforts today are driven in close collaboration with each other and deliver solutions based on specific customer needs. The five-year-old company has built a strong portfolio of business relationships and is geared up to go that extra mile in order to deal with any kind of challenge.

Bridging the Cultural Gap

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