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Nispana Innovative Platforms: Connecting Businesses with Unparallel Networking Solutions

Kavitha G.
Monday, November 24, 2014
Kavitha G.
"If you want to go fast, go alone; but if you want to go far, go with others". This coveted African proverb upholds the strategies of present business-driven era where networking is considered as one of the key growth engines. Poor management and in-adequate customers cannot be the options in this fast-moving world and business networking annihilates such challenges. Thus, as networking continues to annex more importance, enterprises increase their craving for more quality and less cost-driven platforms. Succoring such need is a Bangalore headquartered professional Business Intelligence organization - Nispana Innovative Platforms.

With dedication and passion as its lifeblood, Nispana ventured into networking industry in 2010 and has been delivering unparallel networking solutions since then. As a global provider of the finest business intelligence solutions, Nispana endeavors to live up to its name and offers innovative, high profiled & real time competitive B2B platform, while also enriching client’s value propositions synchronously. Focusing mainly on re-education and networking across the sectors of construction, logistics, energy & power, environmental and security, the company provides a multi-dimensional business catalyst through summits, strategic conferences and professional trainings. Highly recognized for their competitive pricing, high quality and customized attributes, the solutions at Nispana has been a launch ground for successful business events, augmenting their ROIs and success. Supported and approved by various industry specific key government stake holders, the highly recognized strategic business summits of Nispana are engineered to bridge the gap between pre-qualified senior level decision makers, pre-qualified global solution providers and industrial experts, enabling a stable business on one platform for a 2-day period.

Thinking-out-of-the-box is not an easy task. But making an idea turn into reality becomes more daunting. For most start-ups, getting the right investments & right people become the real botherations. However, it is not important where you start from; the most important thing is where you reach. Likewise, Nispana moved beyond the generic hitches of manpower & funding and today is an established self sufficient and a cash-rich company who has molded some real talent into permanent stakeholders in the company. Debuted with three successful conferences, Nispana now owns 50 successful conferences, trainings and exhibitions in its achievements' portfolio. These accomplishments uniquely position the company and are accentuated by the multicultural, dynamic and work-focused ambience vested in the organization. Ingrained with the culture of integrity, trust, empowerment and team work, the firm lays out an open environment that does not only foster new ideas and but also rewards passionate and goal-oriented results, while keeping the crew always on their toes to manage change. Besides this, work culture also fuels up the employees to contribute towards community and ‘I love Sustainability’ is one such initiative wherein they plant trees in schools and talk to general public about sustainability.

The Future Ahead
The firm which started as a small office with 5 people now stands invincible with its high-profiled crew of around 50 people. "Today in the industry, we are talked about as one of the best conference, exhibition and training companies in the world. We have been competing with our competitors and successful in setting few bench marks," quotes Narendra Kumar, Founder & MD, Nispana Innovative Platforms. With crystal clear roadmap to take the conference, exhibition and training business to higher echelon, Nispana envisions to be the leading integrated, global business information solution provider in and around the globe. The company is constantly researching and venturing into new markets with the mantra to hire better talents and make the company an absolute phenomenal place to be.

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