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AMP Technologies: Revolutionizing the Commercial Real Estate Industry with Simplistic yet Disruptive Platform

Susila Govindaraj
Sunday, November 23, 2014
Susila Govindaraj
As the maturity of the Indian Commercial Real Estate (CRE) market is rising to global standard, CRE firms are in dire need of a world-class performance management platform. While this blooming industry has a reputation of being closed to innovation and change, the dearth of up-to-date clear data analysis on asset's health has been a stumbling block. AMP Technologies, a CRE asset management software provider is busting the block and lifting floodgates for maximized revenue opportunities with SMARTER business intelligence based on revenue health, risk management and tenant strength on the most dynamic platform, designed exclusively for CRE asset management. AMP connects key metrics and operational intelligence in real-time to drive performance to a whole new level with significant cost savings, while increasing efficiency with scale. AMP not just harness technology to offer best-of-breed mobility and collaboration on cloud to access from anything anywhere, but also works closely with clients and top industry leaders to consistently deliver new solutions that radically improve client's performance.

Leading the future with such ground-breaking innovation takes pure genius with utmost dedication and distinct approach. AMP was founded in California in 2009 by two such geniuses Sabeer Bhatia, the illustrious father of Hotmail as well as several leading business ventures and Neel Naicker, the renowned business savvy who has built numerous multi-billion dollar business segments. While searching for profitable investment opportunity, the proficient duo struck gold in this much ignored but opportunistic space.

Having their roots in India, the duo leveraged their profound understanding of Indian culture and talents to form their Indian subsidiary in 2012 in Chennai as the hub for unmatched services and development; following the development of the platform in U.S. Noting the founders' deep expertise, it is no wonder AMP's innovative platform renowned for surpassing expectations grabbed the attention of recognized industry leaders and the company vigorously expanded with over 200 employees, in such a short time. "We have a strong vision of connecting people with relevant tools so they can achieve excellence. Our focus is creating capabilities people may not think are possible so they can reach their top level of success. I'm so proud of our team in India and how each day they contribute to making a real impact in Commercial Real Estate and beyond in the international business world. This is what India Silicon Valley represents, achieving the impossible to make a true difference," says Sabeer Bhatia, Co-Founder of AMP Technologies.

All-encompassing Dynamic Platform

Having simplicity at the core, AMP amalgamates best-of-breed performance with speed and accuracy to deliver intuitive and innovative solutions. AMP's end-to-end operating platform showcasing the criticality of real-time intervention in decision making is highly-capable of captivating the next lead in data & performance management. AMP's profound BI yielding faster results empowers customers to attain a competitive edge with real-time access to financial performance, operational excellence, revenue and lease/tenant health. It also delivers immediate accountability for all levels of the organization and roles including to asset managers, institutional owners and public REITs & REOCs around key performance metrics. AMP dramatically amplifies customers' net operation income by providing deep insights that enable them to build a better relationship with tenants by anticipating and serving their needs.

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