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Institute of Product Leadership: Create Your Presence by Transforming into Global Product Leaders

Kavitha G.
Friday, November 21, 2014
Kavitha G.
The success of any product depends on the prowess and competences of its product manager. But the major dearth of skill and knowledge about product management has led to a huge supply-demand gap, in India,which is considered as a major stumbling block in creating innovative products in India., Realizing the imperative need to cover that gap and to transform the technology professionals into product leaders, Institute of Product Leadership(IPL) was born in conjunction with Executive Product Industry Council (EPIC) in 2012. The brainchild of Pinkesh Shah, a qualified industry professional with over 15 years of experience in Product Industry, is India's first B-School for technology managers that focuses on Product Leadership wherein the pool of technology executives are transformed into future Product Managers, Product Architects and Product Engineering Managers.

As an executive education business school focused on product leadership, IPL focuses mainly on providing on-line and off-line courses to a wide range of participants who span across graduates from top Indian B-Schools, potential Product Managers, Product Managers, Senior Technology Leaders Engineers and Technologists. Supported by international institutions such as Harvard Business Publishing, the curriculumis designed and customized according to the needs of working professionals. The participants not only have the option of choosing between evening and weekend online courses, but can also get an easy access to recorded classes. "Endorsed by Technology Heads of Fortune 500 companies and key industry bodies, all courses are designed for experiential learning through addressing various real world challenges. Every course has large amount of attention dedicated to Product Labs, where participants apply all they have learnt in a classroom to create a real product business,IPL teachesthe best practice of productizing process to understand the customer requirement, business validation, and to release a Minimal Viable Product and get market feedback," explains Pinkesh Shah, Director of Programs, Institute of Product Leadership.

IPL has designed three major programs to cater to the needs of both individual professionals and corporates. The list covers International Certification in Product Management and Marketing (ICPM), a 26-week online program designed for potential product managers and professionals who have recently entered product management arena, Executive MBA in Product Leadership (EMBA), a weekend only 15-month long program for high potential senior technology leaders who are aspiring to become a product executive and MBA in Technology Management (T-MBA), a weekend only 18-month long program for engineers and technologists who want to growinto a techno-business role. For corporates, IPL designs customized courses as per their specific requirements and deliver the courses within their company.

Establishing a Successful Foothold

Deep-rooted behaviors and beliefs regarding education have held back innovation in this fieldin India. IPL has risen above these kinds of dogmatic beliefs and has been successfully delivering differentiated experiential learning to a large number of participants around the world. With 1000+ alumni in its success portfolio, the company intends to fulfill its mission of impacting 10K product leaders in its near future and further wishes to add 500 more alumni to its family in 2015. IPL considers new learning models powered by Internet and cloud as a huge opportunity. Leveraging these new technologies the institute intends to create a new learning platform to transform technology managers to global product leaders.

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