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Busigence: Data to Decisions - Anything; Everything

Nandini Mukherjee
Wednesday, November 26, 2014
Nandini Mukherjee
By 2015, 1 trillion devices on the planet shall generate 2.5 billion gigabytes of data every day. Busigence Technologies, the brainchild of Pranav Verma, is among the very few companies which understand that information can be an organization's biggest asset and that the value of information lies in the using of it, smartly. Pranav, along with his co-founder, Prashant,was driven by a simple thought 'information is not knowledge' while establishing Busigence. "We defined Business Intelligence as the technique use to reach decisions from data. We observed that people disguise information as knowledge and take business decisions based on the facts available to them, which in turn are not futile in anyway; sometimes very harmful though," he explains about the idea leading to the inception of Busigence, a wall-to-wall business intelligence company.

At present, Busigencehas three ingenious products and three utile solutions, which help in solving customers' critical problem and thereby enhances returns on investment. "Our extensive services which range from data to decisions, applications to analytics are proven in international market. We have also placed best foot forward to gain required competencies for latest technologies like big data analytics, data sciences and quantum computing," says Pranav. "Our USP remains with our competency on technologies and understanding of domain we use to do these insightful tasks," he further adds.

Pranav, an alumnus of Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati, recounts the only challenge while setting up the company was getting compatible resources to work on niche technologies which are still considered as novel in market. To overcome this, Busigence introduced three months specialized learning program from entry level to experienced ones. This program covers each and every aspect of data journey with a unique blend of science, technology and business. "This program has been running for past two years and now we are proud to have 'best of breed' world-class problem solvers under one roof," he adds.

The Proficiency

Busigence's ingenious products are spread across varied verticals. Two of the products are based on Natural Language Processing which is a branch of Artificial Intelligence that enables computers to understand and analyze human speech as it is spoken and written. The first one measures 'interactions' between customer support and their customers while the other one analyses customer 'emotions' and provides a deeper insights & their impact on business profitability & returns on investment. Pranav also gives an idea about the product based on concept of Geofencing. "Our Geofence engine combines real-time customer location data with geographic areas," he adds. Besides products, the company also offers specialized solutions that enable business users to take better decisions and solve their business critical needs; the prominent ones being Retail4i and Marketing4i. Retail4i focuses on problem related to customer experience, store operations, merchandising, market basket, supplier, whereas Marketing4i brings value to CMOs by providing end-to-end solution for products, promotions, and customer sentiments. "In addition to this, we have a third solution which enables customer to unleash the power of their machine data MachineX. This can collect, index and report on any machine-generated data from virtually any source or location in real time," he explains.

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