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MavenHive: Solving Technical Challenges and HR Deadlocks

Kavitha G.
Friday, November 21, 2014
Kavitha G.
"Treat employees like they make a difference and they will," so says Jim Goodnight, CEO of SAS. Creating a sense of achievement in employees becomes very imperative for a company's overall growth. However, enterprises in the quest to stay ahead of the pack often disregard the real ambassadors of the company, their people. As the gap between performance and compensa-tion continues to widen, there is a necessity of a direct metrical model which recognizes em-ployees' contribution, augmenting their motivation level, while also enabling them to grow per-sonally and professionally. This disconnect made two tech entrepreneurs - Bhavin Javia & Anandha Krishnan - join the hands and bootstrap MavenHive Technologies, which now stands uniquely with its one of a kind operation model that connects the dots between employees' con-tribution to the company and their compensation.

Money and recognition play a very imperative role in an employee's professional life. But do today's employees get what they deserve? The answer, usually, is no. This is where the founders position MavenHive with an endeavor to go beyond the fixed salary strategy and connect the billing & earning.

A reliable partner for Startups and SMEs

As a software consulting firm, this 2012 born company headquartered at Bangalore, MavenHive involves itself in software product development that utilizes leading technologies and platforms like Ruby, Rails, JS, Mobile and Cloud Computing, thus offering well-designed and high quality solutions to its clients. With its main focus on startups & SMEs, the firm works closely with the client's management and product team. MavenHive owns the technical implementation and deli-very of their product ideas with an amalgam of technical expertise, project management skills and relevant technologies. As their technical partner, MavenHive assists companies right from the ideation stage to production and beyond.

Creating an Employee-Friendly Organization

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